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Discipline-Specific Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Topic: analyze a scholarly journal article on a topic in your discipline (given below). you will analyze the rhetorical choices the author has made:

  • What is the larger conversation in which this text participates?
  • Purpose: Why is the author writing? What is the bigger conversation?
  • Claim: What is the author’s claim?
  • Audience: Who is participating in this bigger conversation? What readers has the author targeted and what clues in the text indicate his or her intended audience?
  • Mode, Media, Design: Where and how was the article published? Is it digital or print? How does this affect the way the article is written and how the reader receives the message?How do words, headings, and visuals and other media work together?
  • Genre Conventions: How does this article reflect some of the expected aspects of a scholarly article?
  • Tone: What is the author’s tone? What word choices reflect that tone?
  • Use of Sources: What types of sources does the author use to support his or her ideas. How often does the writer use evidence from other sources? What citation style does the writer use to document sources? How often does the writer use direct quotes as opposed to summary/paraphrase?
  • Use of Logos: How does the author use evidence or reasoning to convince the readers to accept his or her claim?
  • Use of Pathos: What emotions does the writer evoke in order encourage the reader to accept his or her claim?
  • Use of Ethos: How does the author establish his or her credibility/authority/trustworthiness in this article?
  • In your conclusion, reflect on what doing a rhetorical analysis of this article has taught you about writing conventions in your particular discipline.

Format : essay of at least three pages. You will need to use at least two quotes from your source, and document your use of your sources using MLA Style.

TOPIC: The Great Kanto Earthquake and the Culture of Catastrophe and Reconstruction in 1920s Japan by J. Charles Schencking

link (2 are given make an account to access, or search it if you can’t) :

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