5 minutes oral presentation pertaining W r i t i n g

5 minutes oral presentation pertaining W r i t i n g

Presentation Guidelines

Each student is responsible for a 5 minutes oral presentation pertaining to their Volunteer/Community
service experience. The presentation should reflect in detail on the following information:

What is the full name and location of the agency, institution, or organization for which you

What did you do there? What did the job(s) entail?
What was your most memorable moment/event while volunteering?

What did you notice concerning the functioning of the agency, institution, or organization; what
could be improved upon in the agency, institution, or organization?

The overall assignment is worth 25 pts. this must include the aforementioned information above, as
well as, the following:

A 5 minute oral presentation worth (15 pts.) which will include up to 5 pts. for time of
presentation, 5 pts. for the quality of information presented, and 5 pts. the articulation of
information presented.

A 1 page essay containing the information stated above worth (10 pts.) which will be graded on
formatting, thesis statement, answers to the questions asked, and grammar.

A 3 journal entries

The 1st journal entry should occur on the first day of your volunteer experience. It should be a description of the environment in which you will be volunteering. What does it look like? What are the dimensions of the space; is it well lit? Is it clean? Does the environment appear to be well organized etc.? Describe the employees with whom you are working; what do they look like? How do they move, are they knowledgeable about the job? Are they helpful in assisting you in your job etc.?

The second journal entry should describe a day of volunteering. What did the service you were asked to performed entail (describe it)? Was the service effective? If so, what made it effective? If not, how might the service be improved?

The third journal entry should reflect the overall volunteer service experience. How did you feel after completing the volunteer service? What did you like most about the volunteer service? What did you like least about it? State in detail all that you learned from the volunteer service experience.

P.S.: I volunteered with Kaiser Scherer & Schlegel, PLLC outreach program that helps the poor with cleaning their homes and give them aid in building broken stuff.

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