6 page research paper .· include 1 example H u m a n i t i e s

6 page research paper .· include 1 example H u m a n i t i e s

Research Assignment 2: Globalization, Putting it All Together

If anything should be clear at course end, it is that globalization is a complicated subject. It is possible to see globalization from many perspectives and it brings both positive and negative consequences. One of the concepts we learned about in this course is diffusion. We learned that with improvements to infrastructure for communication and transportation, the speed of diffusion has increased. We learned about both positive and negative consequences of diffusion. We also focused a lot on globalization from an economic perspective, yet also explored examples of how globalization occurs separate from and in different ways than a world-systems approach. We considered the influence of globalization on culture. Some argue that homogenization of cultures occurs while others argue that each culture takes products of globalization and makes them their own. We also looked at how globalization can even play a role in local events, and how local events and organizations can influence global outcomes. Finally, we pondered that overarching question of whether globalization is harmful.

For this assignment, you will consider all of these key points and address each side of the issue. You will provide an overarching conclusion about whether globalization is harmful or beneficial based on your research of these issues. You will need to provide an example of how diffusion can have a positive outcome and negative outcome. You will need to provide an example of globalization from an economic and non-economic perspective. You will also need to show how globalization can lead to homogenization of cultures and also how globalization has led to “new” culture. You will need an example of how globalization has affected local events and how local events have shaped globalization. Finally, you will provide your overarching conclusion based on each of the examples you provided for whether you believe globalization is harmful or beneficial and why.


·  Submit at least a 6 page research paper.

·  Include 1 example on each side of the key issues we studied.

o  Positive outcome of diffusion

o  Negative outcome of diffusion

o  Economic form of globalization

o  Non-economic form of globalization

o  An example of homogenization of culture resulting from globalization

o  An example of cultures reshaping global products

o  An example of global processes affecting local processes

o  An example of local processes influencing global processes

·  Provide an argument for whether or not you believe globalization to be harmful or beneficial and how that argument is supported by the examples and research that you did.

·  Use at least 5 outside resources in addition to textbook I provided.

·  Use APA formatting for citations and references and use 12-point font and double space, and submit paper as a Microsoft word document (.doc or .docx).


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