6th grade english language arts teacher W r i t i n g

6th grade english language arts teacher W r i t i n g

My name is Stephanie (Steph). My professional background is in education. I am currently a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher. In all, I have been in the field of education for over 8 years. I started as a writing and reading tutor in undergrad. I graduated with my bachelors in 2014 and started as an adjunct instructor in 2015. In 2016, I started my career as a public school teacher which I am currently still doing. I am only certified to teach English Language Arts and Reading because it is my passion. Choosing a EdD with a specialization in Reading and Literacy aligns with my passion and purpose. I am driven to have more minority learners be identified as literate by Standard English standards because so many are deemed illiterate because of language barriers.

Although my purpose and passion are very vivid and visual to me, it took me a year after graduating with my masters to finally decided on which program to choose. I never wanted to study online but after joining a Doctoral Mom group on Facebook I gained the courage and confidence to do it. One day a doctoral mom posted her degree from Capella. So, I messaged her about the curriculum for the Reading and Literacy. Well, let me just say, she told me what I wanting to hear. At the time of my applying there was a great scholarship opportunity so I knew it was my time.

Respond to Your Peers

After reading the posts of your peers, respond to at least two. Review the 2+2 Discussion Feedback guidelines in the Tools and Resources before responding.

  • You could select learners from your own program or specialization or those with shared interests, backgrounds, and aspirations similar to yours.
  • To encourage other learners to respond to your posts, state a question or issue that is of interest to you at the end of your post.
  • Focus on responding to the questions detailed in the prompt above.

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