8 argument essay argument video lecture https :// www H u m a n i t i e s

8 argument essay argument video lecture https :// www H u m a n i t i e s

Wednesday 4/8

Argument Essay

Argument Video Lecture
Assignment Sheet- Argument Essay(1).pdf

Argument Chapter: Chapter 4 Argument.pdf

“Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Recreational Use” by Robert Corry: Corry cnbc.com-Commentary Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Recreational Use(1).pdf

“Legalize Pot? You Must Be High” by Marty Nemco: Nemko time.com-Legalize Pot You Must Be High(1).pdf

oCreate Reading Response DB Post

Read the competing arguments “Marijuana Should be Legalized” and “Legalize Pot? You Must be High.”

Post a 200-400 word reflection responding to these questions:

oWhich essay includes more compelling evidence (LOGOS)? Give examples to support your choice!

oWhich essay includes more compelling PATHOS? Give examples to support your choice.

oWhich side of this debate are you on? Why?

Respond to two classmates’ posts:

oExplain what you found meaningful or insightful in their posts

oBuild on and expand their insights or ideas about this debate

Saturday 4/11

No Homework: Enjoy Your Spring Holiday

Wednesday 4/15

Argument Essay

Reply to two Reading Response DB posts

Create Writerly Practices DB posts

This activity is designed to help encourage you to both recognize the parts of your writing process that work for you. Not all writerly practices work for every person. Every writer is unique. Throughout this course, you’re going to post about the different writerly practices you’re engaging in to help you draft this essay.


Look at the examples of Writerly Practices below and choose one to write about. For each Writerly Practice Discussion Board, you need to write about a different kind of practice you’re trying out.

Post a 100-250 word explanation of a Writerly Practice you are using.

Respond to two classmates’ postings, explaining

oWhat you found valuable in their postings

oHow they could expand or alter their writerly practices to be more useful

oWhat your experiences have been with the writerly practice they wrote about

Writerly Practices

How do you go about generating idea? Do you make a word cluster, read a lot on the topic, doodle, stare at the wall, just start writing?

Reflect on a discussion you had about your topic or paper with another person. Transcribe that discussion and explain how it helped your process with writing this essay.

Describe how you create space for your writing. How do you create an environment or setting that helps you work through a piece of writing? How specifically does that environment help you? Your writing environment could include

oLocation (bedroom, coffee shop, library, etc.)

oSound (music, silence, tv, etc.)

oBeverage (coffee, tea, water, etc.)

oActivity (going on a run or walk, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, petting your dog or cat, etc.)

Explain what you do when you’re feeling stuck with your writing. What do you do that helps you move forward?

Anything else relevant to your writing process!

Saturday 4/18

Reply to two Writerly Practices DB Posts

Wednesday 4/22

Argument Essay

Submit Argument Essay Rough Draft to Brainfuse and Submit Feedback to Blackboard When Received.

Saturday 4/25

Submit Argument Essay Final Draft

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