addressed using three sentences W r i t i n g

addressed using three sentences W r i t i n g

This assignment normally requires for you to visit an original artwork in person. However, this is not a requirement during the pandemic. Please disregard any requirements related to you having to prove the you visit the artwork in person. You may do this same assignment using a work online. However, be sure that you find a good quality reproduction. THE GOOGLE ART PROJECT (Links to an external site.) <> has excellent quality images and showcases famous artworks from around the world.


1) Print off these instructions and the Formal Analysis Worksheet before you begin.

2) Perform a detailed formal analysis of a single work of art WHILE YOU ARE IN FRONT OF THE WORK.

a) This is an exercise in looking. Therefore, any discussion of the artist’s biography, historical context, or your personal experience will not be counted towards the word count. Since you will not be using other resources for this assignment, there will be no sources to cite.

b) Your essay should include a discussion of all the elements and principles listed in the Formal Analysis Guide (attached below)

. Each element and each principle should be addressed using three sentences. When addressing each element, you may discuss one example in depth, or several examples briefly. For example, you might use three sentences to discuss the color in a figure’s shirt, you might identify the artist’s use of color in three different places.

c) To organize your essay, your overall argument and conclusion should address how the artist used the principle of emphasis.

d) Your essay should be 1000-1500 words. Use MLA format.

3) Turn in a good quality image of the artwork with your essay. Do not stretch the image. In other words, if you alter the size, pull it from the corners instead of from the top or bottom or the sides.

4) Not required: Turn in a picture of yourself in front of the artwork or the museum as proof of having visited.

5) Compositional Design. A compositional design is the student’s visual expression of how the elements and principles work in a specific work of art. No two students will ever have the same compositional design for the same artwork. Here is an example of a compositional design for the painting Las Meninas.

6) Turn in a single document (pdf or doc only) that includes your essay, a good quality image of the artwork, and your compositional diagram.

Below is just the criteria and what to add.

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