american yawp primary source reader H u m a n i t i e s

american yawp primary source reader H u m a n i t i e s

Your response must be substantive, and at least a paragraph long. You can amplify a point made, raise a related point, make connections to other documents in the American Yawp Primary Source Reader, agree or disagree (in a constructive way) with supporting evidence, and/or raise informed questions that we should all think about.

peer document:

Helen Hunt Jackson on a Century of Dishonor (1881)

This document was created by Helen Hunt Jackson, it was published in her book, A Century of Dishonor in 1881. Jackson, documented the lives and injustices that Native Americans suffered at the hands of the United States. Helen Hunt Jackson documents the experiences of Native Americans focusing on the injustices that they lived in the hands of the United States. Jackson, talks about how the poverty of the Indians was a way for them to be attacked by the government and the white settlers. The Native Americans found themselves being removed from their tribes by the write settlers seeking for gold. At this time the government didn’t have any policies for the protection of the Narrative Americans and their lands especially because at the time the Indians were not considered citizens of the United States.

During this time the U.S. decided to expand west because to obtain more economic stability working in the mines and at the time settlers knew that there was gold on the side of the region. They also began with the expansion of the railroads for the distribution of goods, money, and people. The expansion of the railroads created the U.S. time zones to be able to time the arrival of the trains to facilitate the transportation to the people. Unfortunately with all of these events happening the Native Americans were the only ones suffering because due to the expansion of the railroads buffaloes being one of the primary food suppliers for the Native Americans were becoming extinct because the buffaloes were forced to migrate due to the expansion of the railroads. These events also affected many Indians because the federal government was taking over their lands. Helen’s document supports what we are learning in class because of time in history we are looking at all these events that took place around the same time. This document is reliable to the current times that we are experiencing today because minorities are still being targeted based on their beliefs, culture, and ethnicity. In conclusion, Helen advocated for the injustices that the Native Americans faced during this time. This tells us that at the time minorities groups were being targeted that most.

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