americans typically score one standard deviation H u m a n i t i e s

americans typically score one standard deviation H u m a n i t i e s


There are several parts to this discussion – take the following IQ test, review the article about rising IQ’s, evaluate the following information from a previous text about variables connected to IQ levels, and then answer the following questions:

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Our IQs Are Climbing.docx

Variables that Affect IQ scores:

  • Large family size is associated with lower average IQs
  • First born children tend to be intellectually superior to later-borns
  • Occupational status and socioeconomic status are positively correlated with each other and with intelligence
  • Higher education is associated with higher intelligence
  • Urban regions tend to have higher IQs than rural areas
  • Teacher attitudes and expectations may play a role in whether a child fulfills his/her potential
  • African-Americans typically score one standard deviation (15 points) lower than European Americans – but when matched for socioeconomic status, this difference is greatly reduced
  • Asian Americans score higher than European Americans (11 points)
  • No consistent difference in gender is found in general mental ability, but there are certain specific abilities that differ between boys and girls

A. – Do you think the test results from your IQ test are above, about, or below your own perceived level of intelligence? Explain.
B. – Do you agree or disagree with the author’s conclusion that our IQs are rising (based on testing) but that we are not really any smarter than previous generations?
C. – How many of the variables apply to you personally (based on your family, economics, experiences, etc.) and do you agree with the research?

NOTE: I have attached the file for this question. it is named “Our IQs Are Climbing.docx


I have attached the file for question 2. It is named IQ assignment Jane 2


Students will review, critique, and respond to the selected article: “Common Problem Behaviors of Children and Adolescents in General Education Classrooms in the United States” by Harrison et al. (2012).

This review will help students see topics from a different perspective and will also include a personal reaction to the article. The first part of the article review will include a summary, review, and critique of the main points of the article in relation to knowledge gained or topics discussed within the course. The second part of the review will include the student’s perspective of helpfulness, inaccuracies, etc. The article review should be between two to three (2-3) pages. Please review the grading rubric before writing your article review to ensure that you are attending to all required components

I have attached the rubric and the article as well.


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