approximately 30 minutes long H u m a n i t i e s

approximately 30 minutes long H u m a n i t i e s

For the experiential learning component,I choose Black Lives Matter (BLM) as contemporary social movement and I examined how their strategies and tactics have changed due to COVID-19.

To complete this assignment, I was carry out 3 activities:

The first was identified Marisa Johnson as one of the leader of the movement and interview them. You should set up an interview sooner to see if Marisa Johnson is a founder of Black Lives Matter Movement. If she is not find the real person name. After you do the interview send me the link with the name you have found it if different than what I found .In the second part, I want you to attend at least one online organizing and/or training meeting of the movement. After you do one of them send me the link that you have been participate because I have to send as a proof to the instructor.Sometime when you schedule one online organizing and/or training meeting of the movement they ask you to send list of Interview Questions. Open the attachment you will see those questions I as them and I want you to as the the same questions.

The third part is the power-point presentation that I already prepared. What I want you do for me; after you finishing to interview the person at the Black Lives Matter (BLM), based on list of questions I send you what ever answer you find make a possible correction in the power-point it may needed.

Based on answer the BLM gives you make add to PowerPoint what you learned about the movement in general, about their pre-COVID and post-COVID strategies and tactics, and your personal reflection about your experiences during the interview and the organizing and/or training meeting of the movement. In add note put those notes because the presentation will be approximately 30 minutes long.

Make this PowerPoint more interesting by adding visual graphics related to each slide topic.

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