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Write a page of presentation reflection to the slideshows attached below.


Please post your class reflections for Week 9 by Sunday, Nov. 1 at midnight. .

For your reflection, choose at least 3 topics from each presentation, one which we touched on during class and another taken from my presentation posted below. The topic from class may be from student presentations (other than your own) or class discussion (including of reading responses if the ideas which interested you were presented by someone other than yourself). The goal is to consider new ideas you’ve encountered during class time or in viewing my presentation. Before you respond to topics in my presentation, please research them a bit so that you are not limited to the brief description I’m able to give.

Start by describing the idea or critical position, photographer, photographic movement, or technological development you have chosen. Set out what happened, where, when, who was involved, and why the photographer, photographic movement, technical development or photographic idea you are writing about is important to the history of photography. If your memory or notes are insufficient, use your textbook or the on-line academic sources which follow to flesh your topics out: (链接到外部网站。) (be sure to click on individual images that come up as a result of a Met search for more information and look at the Met timelines as well), the Getty (both the collections and the exhibitions) http:// class=”screenreader-only”> (链接到外部网站。) and class=”screenreader-only”> (链接到外部网站。) and the National Gallery of Art http:// class=”screenreader-only”> (链接到外部网站。)

After describing your subject fully, respond to it. What do you think of the photographic practice, idea, critical position or development you chose? Why did it interest you? Each response should be at least a full paragraph long (about half a page).

Linked below is my Power Point presentation for this week on Documentary Photography, Part 2: Doc. Style Part 2, Land and Street 2020.pptx

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