athletics master planschool districts adhere W r i t i n g

athletics master planschool districts adhere W r i t i n g

Submit Assignment: Athletics Master Plan

School districts adhere to stringent fiscal controls as “every dollar is precious to school district officials and taxpayers” so “having a master plan ensures that every dollar is spent wisely” (Wilson, 2013). The development of an athletics master plan involves a number of tasks and “because these projects are significant investments, construction proposals must be formalized, evaluated, and approved. Further the process and actual proposal must be publicized, discussed, and explored in exacting details. It all begins with an athletic master plan” (Wilson, 2013).

Using the information provided in the required studies, develop an athletic master plan for a yet-to-be-built high school. The hypothetical high school is a coed school that will eventually field the following sports:

Football Coed Water Polo Boys and Girls Tennis
Boys and Girls Soccer Boys and Girls Basketball Boys and Girls Golf
Cheerleading Softball Boys and Girls Track & Field
Boys and Girls Cross-Country Wrestling Boys and Girls Swimming

The master plan you develop should span 10 years. For the first year, your budget will allow the construction of two venues. Every 2 years subsequent, your budget will allow for the construction of one additional venue per 2-year cycle; so years 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 will be construction years. Moreover, a facility built in year X would not be available until year X + 1. This means that since year 1 is the first construction year, you will have no on-campus facilities available until year 2. Some other factors to be considered are:

The school will be built adjacent to a public park that features one baseball field, a 5-mile long jogging trail, and two large unlined and unlit fields without stands. There is a community YMCA near the school that has a competition-grade swimming pool and a full-sized gymnasium. There is a karate club facility in town.

For years 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, please detail any maintenance actions you anticipate needing, such as top dressing fields or refinishing floors.

For the first year of the school, only freshman will be attending. Each year following, a new freshman class will be added until the school is grades 9-12, after a period of 4 years. You may phase the sports in at any fashion you choose, however by year 10, all the sports listed above must be included.

Justify types of indoor and outdoor surfaces you will plan for; for example, will you want hardwood or synthetic gym floors? Also detail any major indoor and outdoor equipment purchase your facilities will need, such as soccer goals and bleachers.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.


Wilson, C. (2013). Facilities. In Blackburn, M. L., Forsyth, E., Olson, J., & Whitehead, B. (Eds.), NIAAA’s guide to interscholastic athletic administration (pp. 339–360). Champaign, Illinois: Human Kinetics.

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