attach acedemic journal nothing else W r i t i n g

attach acedemic journal nothing else W r i t i n g

Prompt for the Argument Analysis Essay: For this assignment, you will write a 1500-word essay that persuasively analyzes and evaluates: My acdemic journal is attached below titled Education, Skill, and Wage Inequality: The Situation in California. Your
goal is to persuade your reader that the article writer’s argument
(claim with reasons and evidence) is strong and convincing.Please only reference the attach acedemic journal nothing else. To do this,
you will need to analyze the argument in a thoughtful way. In this
essay, you will need to address the following:

1. Thesis: What does the writer want the audience to believe?

2. Audience: What group of readers is the writer addressing? 3. Purpose:–Does the author attempt to convince the audience?

–Soften the reader’s objection?

–Convince the reader that his or her argument has merit?

4. What types of appeals does the writer use?

–Appeal to logos, ethos, and pathos?

–Describe the ethos of the writer. How does the writer present himself or herself?

three examples from the text, either as quotations or paraphrases or
both, to support your description of the writer’s ethos

5. Type and quality of the supporting detail–this will be the bulk of your essay

— Appeals to reason include facts, statistics, examples, and expert testimony.

–Note that evidence is ranked from strongest to weakest as follows: facts, statistics, examples, expert testimony.

full APA reference should be at the top of the article or in the end in
the reference page. For article reviews, it is common to put the full
source above your first paragraph. This is because this is a writing
tool designed to help you. When the paper is in any sort of draft form,
then you would only have full references on the Reference page, the last
page of the paper.

look for facts and statistics as they mean the most, but read carefully
any use of statistics, as these can be misleading. Since the essay
might have appeared in periodicals or newspapers, the writers may not
have documented sources completely. As a result, you must determine if
the evidence is credible based on what the writer includes. Examples are
important usually as a means to clarify facts and statistics. Finally,
while expert testimony can be very convincing, you should make sure the
testimony includes facts or statistics to support the claims being made.
Remember, when writers quote experts, it is often because they already
share similar convictions.

b. Give three examples. Explain your examples.

6. Raising and countering objections

a. What objections to the opposing side’s argument does the writer make?

b. How does the writer object to (refute) the counter arguments related to his or her position?

7. Conclusion. Write 1 -2 sentences that leave your reader with a final impression of your analysis.

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