baby demonstrate object permanence yet — H u m a n i t i e s

baby demonstrate object permanence yet — H u m a n i t i e s

1. Spend two hours with a child between the ages of birth and ten years to observe, interview, and interact with that child and his/her parent(s). ( no relation or co-habitation )

2 .After spending the time with the child, you will write a detailed paper of at least 6-7 pages describing what you observed in the child, what the child and parents told you, how the child’s height and weight plot on a growth chart, what specific developmental milestones you observed in the child, how that compares to ages when those milestones are typically achieved, and how the child’s behavior and development compared to ALL the theoretical material you studied for class about a child that age (infant, toddler, early or middle childhood).

3. should explain how the child was similar to the material you studied, and were there things about the child that were different from the material you studied? What did theorists such as Erikson and Piaget say about children this age, and how would their theoretical concepts help you in analyzing what you observed in this particular child?(For example, does the baby demonstrate object permanence yet — and what test did you do to measure that? Does the child demonstrate an understanding of conservation yet — and again, how did you test for that? Was the child able to copy something you drew on a piece of paper? Did you ask the child to draw a picture of him/herself and/or his/her family? How did they explain that picture, and how would it score on the Goodenough scale? How egocentric was the child? Etc.)What would the DDST show about the child?(You need to go into detail about things on the DDST that the child has and has not mastered.)THIS THEORETICAL ANALYSIS NEEDS TO BE A MAJOR PART OF YOUR PAPER, NOT JUST A FEW PARAGRAPHS.GO THROUGH ALL THE COURSE MATERIAL ON CHILDREN THIS AGE, AND CONSIDER HOW TO USE THAT MATERIAL IN EXPLAINING EVERYTHING YOU SAW IN THIS CHILD.

4.At the beginning of the essay, be sure you give the child’s age and a description of the environment in which you did the observations and interactions (were you in the child’s own home? on a playground? in a child care setting? in your home? etc.).Papers must be typed and double-spaced.Students are not allowed to use ANY reference materials other than course reading assignments, BUT YOU MUST STILL CITE ANY CLASS MATERIALS YOU REFER TO IN YOUR PAPER, USING CORRECT APA FORMAT

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