backgroundthe treatment center provides services O t h e r

backgroundthe treatment center provides services O t h e r

I need to come up with goals and objectives for two interventions I am proposing to take place at a drug and alcohol treatment center where I am interning.


The treatment center provides services to clients who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. 95% of the clients served are court ordered to treatment therefore they have no choice to follow our facilities
policies and guidelines. The two problems I have are the following

This facility runs solely of off the 12 step treatment program, which is spiritually based and requires that you believe in a higher power and the admittance that they are powerless over their addiction. All clients must adhere to this program while completing treatment at our facility. Again because clients are court ordered they are obligated to complete their treatment plan which includes 8 weeks of intensive outpatient treatment. IOP is an 8 week program that meets 3 evenings a week for a 3 hour period each evening. Sessions begin at 5:00 pm and end at 8:00 p.m. In addition to attending these sessions clients are also ordered to attend 3 to 5 AA or NA meetings per week. According to our policy clients are only allowed to miss a total of 2 sessions during their 8 week plan. If they miss more than 2 sessions we terminate their services which ultimately is reported to their probation officer, this is turn is a violation of their probation and ultimately these clients are subjected to their original jail or prison sentence. Another mandated term of these clients probation is that they hold full time employment; if they fail to do so they are subjected to be in violation of their probation and again risk facing jail or prison time.

Our facility’s mission is to help clients overcome their addiction by abstaining from the use of alcohol and drugs and finding a better way of life. There recovery and success is our mail goal.

Many clients do not buy into the 12 step program of recovery, for many it is against their culture, belief system and it is proven that 12 step programs sometimes do more harm than good because individuals are constantly reminded of their drug and alcohol use. I feel other treatment options should be afforded to these clients, such as cognitive behavior therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, and relapse prevention therapies, just to name a few that have documented proven success rates. Because these clients are court ordered to our facility they do not have the choice to seek services elsewhere that may be a better fit for them and offer more option in terms of treatment approaches.

Secondly, it is almost as if we are setting our clients up to fail due to the strict adherence policy of the IOP program. Clients are basically faced with either losing these jobs due to having to leave early so they can make their IOP session on time. Or risk being terminated from IOP for coming late or not being able to make it due to job demands. This puts clients in a difficult situation as well and places them in a position of violating their probation and being sent to jail or prison.

My two 2 interventions are:

1)  Implement additional treatment approaches so client can have
a choice at what treatment options are best suited for them.

2)  Implement an
additional IOP program that can be more accessible to clients that hold full
time jobs

I need to come up goals and objectives for each of my interventions.

One or two goals for the first intervention and 1 to 2 objectives for each goal

One or two goals for the first intervention and 1 to 2 objectives for each goal

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