called el libro compartido en familia W r i t i n g

called el libro compartido en familia W r i t i n g

Part 1: Vocabulary Game

Create a small group vocabulary game aligned to research-based strategies that meets the needs of Jacob. Use and incorporate a minimum of 10 vocabulary words from the “From Peru” excerpt within your game.

Ruurs, Margriet. My Librarian Is a Camel: How Books Are Brought to Children Around the World

. Honesdale, Penn.: Boyds Mills Press, 2005. (2005)

From “Peru”

Children in Peru can receive their book in several different, innovative ways. CEDILI-IBBY Peru is an institution that delivers books in bags to families in Lima. Each bag contains twenty books, which families can keep for a month. The books come in four different reading levels so that children really learn how to read. This project in Spanish is called El Libro Compartido en Familia and enables parents to share the joy of books with their children. In small, rural communities, books are delivered in wooden suitcases and plastic bags. These suitcases and bags contain books that the community can keep and share for the next three months. The number of books in each suitcase depends on the size of the community. There are no library buildings in these small towns, and people gather outside, in the plaza, to see books they can check out. In the coastal regions, books are sometimes delivered by donkey cart. The books are stored in the reading promoter’s home. In the ancient city of Cajamarca, reading promoters from various rural areas select and receive a large collection of books for their area. The program is called Aspaderuc. The reading promoter lends these books to his or her neighbors, and after three months, a new selection of books goes out to each area. Books in this system are for children and adults. And last but not least, Fe Y Alegria brings a collection of children’s books to rural schools. The books are brought from school to school by wagon. The children, who are excited about browsing through the books when they arrive, are turning into avid readers.

Case Study: Jacob

Student: Jacob

Age: 9.9

Grade: 4th

Jacob is an active boy who enjoys coming to school and participates in sports after school. Jacob does well in most classes but has difficulty with new vocabulary words. This difficulty with new vocabulary is not only seen during reading class but also during content area classes such as science and social studies. Jacob’s mother indicated that he has always had difficulty understanding new vocabulary but that it has not affected his comprehension until this year. Jacob is willing to adopt new strategies that will assist him in learning and remembering new vocabulary words and also help him better understand the story as a whole.

Adapted from Paulsen, K. & The IRIS Center. (2004). Comprehension and vocabulary: Grades 3-5.

In 250-500 words, identify and summarize the following aspects of the game:

“From Peru” vocabulary words with kid-friendly definitions.

Rules, to include the roles of both teacher and students.

Materials (include visuals if appropriate).

How to expand the game to include higher level thinking.

Modifications for ELL or special education students.

In addition, rationalize how the design of the vocabulary game implemented research-based strategies to support Jacob’s vocabulary development. How does your vocabulary game engage Jacob in learning?

Part 2: At-Home Activities

Choose a piece of literature appropriate to Jacob’s interests. Utilizing that choice, identify and summarize three at-home activities to help support Jacob’s vocabulary development.

Design a visual for Jacob’s family that:

Summarizes each at-home activity.

Identifies the roles of both the family and Jacob.

Identifies how the activity supports Jacob’s vocabulary development.

Submit your vocabulary game and at-home activities as one deliverable.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment must be free of plagiarism.

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