chapter 3 ”, credible news source H u m a n i t i e s

chapter 3 ”, credible news source H u m a n i t i e s

Research Paper

For this assignment you will write a 10-page research paper about Racial & Ethnic Inequality. The research paper should be typed in Word format and saved as a PDF. The research paper must be in

proper essay format, include a title page, an introduction, thesis statement, supporting

paragraphs, a conclusion and a reference page. Your research paper should include the


• Title Page listing the name of the paper, your full name, the name of the class and the


• An 10 paged, double-spaced, paper, 12- point font in Times New Roman and 1-inch

margins all the way around about a social problem.

• Research paper should incorporate citations in proper APA format from 5 or more

scholarly journals articles and one other source such as the textbook ”

The paper should include an introduction and supporting paragraphs and a conclusion.

Include 1 or more sociology theories to explain this social problem.” Will provide a module to show what theory is”

• A reference page listing your sources in proper APA format.

• Paper should be edited and proof-read for grammatical errors, sentence structure and

spelling errors.

Steps to Writing the Research Papers

1. Step # 1- Select a social problem( Racial & Ethnic Inequality) that you would like to write about. Brainstorm possible ideas that you could focus on related to your social problem and the

points that you would like to make .

2. Research, using the library function at Fullerton College’s website or visit in person.

Click here to access the library . Here is my ID #01625784. Last name: ali. Research 5 or more scholarly journal articles about Racial & Ethnic Inequality . You may also use other sources in addition to the journal


3. Also incorporate data or findings from one additional source or more (may be a book

in chapter 3”,credible news source, government website, etc.).

4. Take notes from your findings. You may also use websites and books, as well as the

textbook, for additional information about your topic. I would recommend making an

outline to help you organize what you want to write.

5. Select one sociological theory that you would like to incorporate into your research

paper and explain how that theory looks or analyzes your selected topic.” I provide a modules that explain what theory is please follow that).

6. Create your title page with the name of the paper, your full name, the class, and date.

7. Write your introduction with a thesis statement. Make sure that all of your supporting

paragraphs support the main idea presented in the introduction.

8. Write your supporting paragraphs. Don’t forget to have main ideas and topic sentences

for each paragraph and support that idea with research data. All research should be

properly cited in APA format. That includes paraphrased research material as well as

direct quotations.

9. Finish the paper with a conclusion. The conclusion should wrap up the main points

covered in the paper and suggestions for future research.

10. Make sure that your paper is written in the third person point of view and keeps a

scholarly tone. This is more formal than an opinion piece or blog. Make sure that your

writing reflects that.

11. At the end of your research paper, include a reference page listing all of your sources

used in APA format. This would include your required five scholarly journals, your 1

other required source, any websites or books used, and any other sources.

12. Edit and proof-read your research paper for errors. I would recommend having a friend

that is good at editing review your paper before submitting.

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