chapter 7 section 7 B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

chapter 7 section 7 B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Respond with 150 words

Tanya –

Innovative individuals can be both knowledgeable as well as inexperienced in a given field. Just because an individual has knowledge does not mean the person has the experience needed to handle the situation or vice versa. Google definition of Innovative (of a person) is an individual who introduces new ideas; that are original and creative in thinking. For some individuals this may come naturally for others this is practiced and learned. Every individual is creative in their own way and some just need a little push to be more comfortable with sharing their ideas and way of thinking.

On a website called LaunchStreet they share 7 steps to becoming an innovative person these steps are as follows; seek opportunities, be consistently curious, look ahead, embrace failure, seek answers, practice innovation practices, and learn your innovation strengths (LaunchStreet, 2020). An individual who is inexperienced and embraces their failures can acquire the knowledge needed to be an innovative individual. LaunchStreet said “Everyone innovates differently. Learn to innovate your way, not Stephanie’s or Jim’s or Maria’s or Anthony’s” (LaunchStreet, 2020). As described in the textbook, chapter 7 section 7-2a, establishing a creative work environment for employees are essential in a given field to influence innovation and it encourage creativity within an organization.

Chrisnel –

After reading Chapter 7 and watching the video lecture, discuss which kind of people tend to be more innovative in a given field: those who are knowledgeable or those who are inexperienced in the field. Provide an example of why you believe this to be true.

Based on the informations learned in chapter seven and from watching the video lecture the kind of people that tend to be more innovative in a given field are people who are more knowledgeable. According to educator Walter Fisher Innovation is more likely to originate among those knowledgeable regarding a certain field of study or industry. While truly innovative ideas can originate from individuals or groups having no prior knowledge of or experience with the area in question, it is through observation and experience that ideas are more likely to incubate.(Fisher, 2019). People who are more knowledgeable tend to be more innovative because it is from their past experiences, observation and knowledge that they are able to come up with new techniques and ideas for example Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs which both used their ideas and knowledge to build their own empire and be successful.

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