cohesive short essay format H u m a n i t i e s

cohesive short essay format H u m a n i t i e s

This is a total of three sections with each section having three questions each genuinely sometimes 4

I will post an example of one of the sections below for reference


The Culture Wars, Serrano, Mapplethorpe, and “Obscenity”

culture wars

Answer the following in full sentences and a cohesive short essay format (at least 1 paragraph for each numbered section):

1. Provide a brief overview and definition of the Culture Wars, focusing on the main themes, arguments, and actions taken during this wage over culture and change in the United States.

    • Think about what larger beliefs, ideologies, and systems of power are a part of the Culture War debates. Who comprises the different “sides” and what are they arguing/advocating for or against?
    • Think about how the arts, in particular, became a target and epicenter for the Culture Wars.

2. Use this Oxford dictionary definition of “obscenity” to conduct a deep-dive analysis of what this term connotes and what underlying ideologies or values are evoked through the use of this word.

    • Think about hat definitions, synonyms, and/or antonyms stood out to you as surprising or interesting. How do these imbedded words influence the ultimately meaning or message that is connoted and evoked when this word is used?

3. Provide a formal analysis of Andres Serrano’s Immersion (1987, Cibachrome print) and discuss how and why this work came under criticism during the Culture Wars. If you didn’t know how Serrano made this photograph, namely what he immersed the crucifix in to produce these color effects, would you find this an “obscene” work?

4. Select any 1 of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs and provide an in-depth analysis of his choices in form, subject matter, and/or allusions to classical or Catholic art history. Think critically about why Mapplethorpe’s work was labeled “obscene,” taking into account the larger meaning and implications behind this word.

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