common core state standardnets standard O t h e r

common core state standardnets standard O t h e r

Family &
Community Project-Based Learning

families and the community is critical to providing a multicultural learning
experience that is applicable and relevant. One way to do this is through
project based learning (PBL) where students engage in critical thinking to
address real world issues that face their community. This provides an
opportunity for students to create meaningful connections between culture,
community, and themselves.

Assignment Instructions

Using the following template as a guide, create a culturally responsive project
for the grade level of your choice that includes parent and community participation.

  • Hall, J. (2009). Family ties. Teach 21
    Project Based Learning
    . Retrieved from

You may choose to construct this assignment in a table as seen in the template
or create separate sections with headings in an essay-format document.

Your Project must include:

  1. Project Title
  1. Content Standard & Objectives: At least one of each:
    1. Common Core State Standard

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