company would begin another round

company would begin another round

The Reluctant Team Member
Rhonda Jenkins had worked in the credit collection department of Bass Medical Supply Corporation for over 15 years. The announcement that credit was converting to a team=based structure came as a shock, especially amid rumors that the company would begin another round of layoffs in the fourth quarter. Rhonda liked credit and was afraid that the teams meant reduction in credit staff, especially if what she had heard about teams increasing productivity with fewer employees was true. The decision to apply for a transfer to customer support difficult. She hated leaving her friends but didn’t trust this whole team thing. After all, she had a family to support.
After only two months in customer support, Rhonda knew she had made the right move. Three people had been terminated in credit with no plans to replace them. Rhonda was confused and upset when she learned a team based structure was coming to customer support, based on team success in credit. Rhonda didn’t think it was a success when people lost their jobs.
Rhonda was assigned to a team of four customer support representatives. The other three were enthusiastic about the change and eager for training to develop new skills. During training each team was asked to set initial behavior expectations for the team and begin to talk about productivity goals. Rhonda explained her concerns to her new team members. The other three told her that she was making too much out of the issues and should just get on board. Rhonda ended up confronting the trainer and the entire class with her fears The trainer was supportive and urged Rhonda to give the team a chance. Rhonda told her team members that she just could not support the effort. She would not be disruptive, but she would not participate in any more than was absolutely required to stay employed.

Questions (provide @ 1 paragraph (5-7 sentences,for each). Be sure to link this to the reading/lesson.:
1. How would you advise Rhonda?

2. How would you advise her team mates?

3. Describe the communication, change, and conflict issues in this case.

From: Shockley-Zalabak, P.S. (2015). Fundamentals of Organizational Communication: Knowledge, Sensitivity, Skills, Values. New York NY: Pearson.

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