compared photo herefigure 1artist W r i t i n g

compared photo herefigure 1artist W r i t i n g

I do not have good experience with writing. I definitely need help with citing correctly and finding the best sources.

The instructions from my professor for this assignment are as follows:

You will build one of your already completed object files into a more substantial research project. The object files have taught you how to conduct a methodologically approached formal analysis of an art object. You have learned to describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate based on context, expression and formal qualities. You have learned how to find research materials that are current, relevant, accurate, authoritative and purposeful. Now it’s time to take your object analysis to the next level.

Start digging into the academic journal articles that you listed for further reading. Ask yourself deeper and more critical questions about the work and its context. Find answers to your questions. Apply what you learn from further research to create a deeper analysis of the object in relation to its context and expression. Formal analysis is the foundation for more advanced research in art history.

This assignment is a research based project based off of an object files I have completed before. I attached two object files to choose from, only one needs to be used. I also included the template we have been using for our object files as more reference.

Everything that needs to be included is listed below:

What is the title of the work and the name of the artist/culture who produced it?

Follow the prompts below to describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate the work of art.

What do you see? Describe the subject, forms, and their relationship to one another. Insert footnote citations where appropriate.

Provide a brief analysis of the major visual elements and design principles used to create this object. Remember to discuss material, form, and if applicable ‘style’. Insert footnote citations where appropriate.

Based on what you see, what do the formal elements mean? What symbols are created and how are they used? Explain the message or meaning of the work (i.e. content). Insert footnote citations where appropriate.

Give a brief summary of the culture that produced this work, including analysis of the time period, location, and social/economic/religious circumstances surrounding the work. Compare and contrast to at least one other relevant work of art. Consider how the artist may have expressed any powerful personal meanings, insights or concerns. What was innovative about this work? Insert footnote citations where appropriate.

Include an image of the work you focused on and also an image of the work(s) you compared and contrasted it to.

compared photo here

Figure 1






Museum/Gallery, Current Location:



Include a bibliography for all materials you used to complete your research. Make sure that all materials are scholarly and that you include at least three peer-reviewed academic journals. Refer to the Art History I Course Guide and the Writing Center’s webpage for formatting guidance. Bibliographies must be Chicago-Turabian formatted.

I truly appreciate any and all help given. I want to make sure this is one of my best assignments!!

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