Complete Art Task Due (SHASTA)

I’m stuck on a Art & Design question and need an explanation.


1. Make a monoprint by printing a photo of your choosing on the back side of a piece of photo paper on the photo setting. The print will be very wet so be careful to hold it by the edges. Lay the wet side down on a piece of paper, and holding it so it does not move, rub the entire back of the photo so that the image transfers to a plain white sheet of paper. You may wish to experiment and copy multiple images of the same picture, manipulating the color of each print, or you may with to add different images to one sheet of paper creating a collage.

2. Make a short video with your camera that expresses something about your self. The video should be no longer than one minute.

3. Design the cover for a Zine Magazine on some theme or activity that is of interest to you. You may layout your images on a piece of paper on which you draw, paint, and add images, or you may use Word, and insert pictures, type, drawings, etc. into your document.

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