covid 19 quarantine impacting various socio H u m a n i t i e s

covid 19 quarantine impacting various socio H u m a n i t i e s

I need this done by tonight eta I have 10 hours to turn in

Around 20 slides
and please in a conservative American view

And please have it done on google slides or power point

Please accept this if you know you can finish by tonight and can follow the instructions. I had someone else do it from here and they did a bad job.

My topic for the assignment I was assigned to is Freedom of Speech: Pure Speech in public
My professors instructions below

Unit 5 of American Government focuses on our individual freedoms. Your assignment will require you to look beyond the textbook and find details about a particular liberty and share how it has been interpreted and applied over the years. You also will include details on how this freedom is debated and applied today. You will share your new knowledge using a PowerPoint style presentation (google slides).

Your assignment will be divided into three parts. Part 1: Teach the Freedom is worth 100 points. Parts 2 & 3: The Freedom Beyond the Textbook and Connect to Modern Issues are each worth 50 points. You should expect to spend an equal amount of time preparing for Part 1 and then for Parts 2 & 3. Please pay close attention as we review the guidelines for this assignment.

Part One: Teach the Section

You will be assigned 1 civil liberty from the texbook (or within the Bill of Rights) on which to do your presentation. For example, Freedom of Religion: Establishment Clause. Your goal is to teach this freedom utilizing a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation incorporating photographs, maps, graphs, documents, and other visual aids that you discover. Expect to spend 8-10 slides on this information. You will need to decide what to include and also what not to include for example: What does the constitution say about this freedom? How has this freedom evolved over our history? Explain major S.C. cases that shape this liberty. (100 points)

**Additionally, you must include 1 political cartoon about your assigned freedom. Be sure to fully explain the cartoon’s meaning including symbolism, satire, or other techniques used by the artist. This can be in any section of the presentation.

Part Two: Tell the Story Beyond the Textbook

Go Beyond the Textbook to deepen our understanding of your assigned freedom in a unique and interesting manner. Include information the text does not. Research further, find something of the history or in court cases that add more detail or a story/stories relating to the freedom that you find worthwhile.

Example: We all know Brown v BOE ended discrimination in schools, but “Who was Brown”? Did you know there were many other plaintiffs in the case, but Brown was alphabetically first on the list? Thurgood Marshall who argued this case for the NAACP became the first African American on the Supreme Court. Again, the use of photos, documents, political cartoons, and other visual materials will make the presentation more interesting. You should expect to spend 4-6 slides for Part II (50 points)

Part Three: Connect to Something Modern

In order to complete your assignment, you will need to find a modern issue(s) or topic(s) that in some manner relates to your freedom. Ideas could include, “Since the Brown v. BOE decision, what is the current state of race and discrimination in education?” or “How is the Covid 19 quarantine impacting various socio-economic groups differently in terms of access to education?” Again, the use of photos, documents, political cartoons, and other visual materials are essential. Expect to spend 4-6 slides on this section.

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