created ill send pictures W r i t i n g

created ill send pictures W r i t i n g

I have a post on sexual assault from a poster I created ill send pictures of the poster and provide my post 9 I need revision and fixing of sub-points

Task: On your WordPress site, underneath your poster, you need to write a post (500-750 words), explaining how your design of your poster helps convey your message to your target audience.

In the beginning of your post, make sure to have a main point that includes—what action you want the audience to take, what specific audience should take the action and at least one implied message in the poster about why the audience should take the action or an emotion you played on to get them to take the action. Make sure to use the word “I” in your main point.

In the body of the text, organize your post around sub-points that relate to the main point. At the beginnings of paragraphs, make a point that you need to illustrate that relates to your main point. Then give examples (the age, gender, ethnicity of the individual(s); the expression on their face or the pose or movement of their body; the clothes they are wearing or objects they are interacting with; their placement in the poster; the wording of your message; the font you used and why you placed the text where you did; the background; the color scheme, and why you added anything else you did) from the poster that illustrate how you tried to convey this point. You should also analyze how the examples work to support your idea.

Make sure to organize your paragraphs around your sub-points, and not around the examples. DO NOT PUT THE EXAMPLES IN THE SUB-POINTS!

At the end of your artist statement on WordPress, you need to have hyperlinks to the sites where you got your images if you did not take them yourself. These can be in a smaller font, like this AND do not count towards the word length.

My images were from:

Guy looking at lake:

Woman looking at Edinburgh:

Both Female student surrounded by books

Female hiking:

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