creating concept maps using websites likebubble W r i t i n g

creating concept maps using websites likebubble W r i t i n g

This week you’re going to take a few more steps towards creating an annotated bibliography by finalizing your research topic and writing your research question.  

Read Module 1 of your textbook, and watch 4 Easy Steps to Using the Ashford Library for Background Research can help you get started. 

Choosing your research topic is the next step.  Remember that you will be working with this topic for the rest of this class, so you should choose something that you find interesting.  It is recommended that you choose a topic you would like to investigaterelated to your major. 

The next step is to do some brainstorming about your topic. Brainstorming will help you think about your topic from different angles and consider different aspects of your topic.  There are a number of different brainstorming methods, like asking questions about your topicoutlining, and creating concept maps using websites and Writing Your Research Question will lead you through the process of creating research questions.  You must create at least three research questions that are open-ended; address a controversy, issue, or problem; and address your topic in a way that you can take a stand. Writing an open-ended question is sometimes a challenge so take a look at the How to Ask an Open-Ended Question handout before you get started.

Then, you will reflect on the process of doing background research and refining your topic.

Note: You are only required to submit the Creating Your Research Question worksheet this week. (which is the GEN103_WK2_Writing_Your_Research_Question.docx document, so please fill that out)

Just in case you can’t open the links that are listed in the paragraph, I have attached everything you need.

Please use the files attached to help you with this assignment.

Once again, my research TOPIC is Internet and Children, so anything you can find on that is good.

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