culture prefers structured conditions isa B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

culture prefers structured conditions isa B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

11. High-performance work systems emphasize three of the following. Which is not emphasized by highperformance

work systems?

A. Career management

B. Silo thinking

C. Development

D. Training

12. Which of the following is a false statement about grievance procedures?

A. Grievance procedures generally have several steps prior to arbitration.

B. The majority of grievances are settled during the earlier steps of the process.

C. The merits of an arbitrator’s ruling can’t be appealed to the courts.

D. Under the duty of fair representation, the union must give equal representation to all members of the bargaining unit, whether

or not they actually belong to the union.

13. Which of the following is a correct statement about inpatriates?

A. Inpatriates are foreign employees who come to the United States to work for the U.S.-based parent company.

B. Inpatriates are employees transferred from a company’s site in one state to another state within the United States.

C. Inpatriates are employees from countries other than the parent country placed in facilities of other countries.

D. Inpatriates are employees from one division of the company being moved to another division.

14. Which of the following is not appropriate using e-HRM?

A. Online grievance redressal

B. Online recruitment

C. Online surveys

D. Online testing

15. Recruitment and selection activities within a high-performance organization include three of the

following. Which is not a recruitment and selection activity within a high-performance organization?

A. Selection methods that include group interviews, open-ended questions, and psychological tests

B. Finding employees who are enthusiastic about and able to contribute to teamwork, empowerment, and knowledge sharing

C. Selection methods that concentrate on identifying technical skills only

D. Finding employees who innovate, share ideas, and take initiative

16. The most notable disadvantage for virtual expatriates is the

A. isolation that comes with never returning to their home countries.

B. amount of time they must spend away from friends and family while on assignment.

C. difficulty they’ll experience in building relationships with host-country personnel.

D. loss in income they’ll experience as a result of accepting their overseas assignment.

17. The Hofstede dimension that deals with the degree to which a culture prefers structured conditions is

A. risk aversion.

B. uncertainty avoidance.

C. power distance.

D. individualism.

18. A country that serves as the home for a corporation’s headquarters is referred to as the _______


A. third

B. first

End of exam

C. host

D. parent

19. Which of the following is a false statement about feedback across national boundaries?

A. The content of the feedback is more important than the manner of giving it.

B. In Mexico, managers are expected to provide positive feedback before focusing the discussion on behaviors the employee

needs to improve.

C. Employees around the world appreciate positive feedback.

D. In Thailand, managers avoid giving negative feedback to employees because they fear this would cause them to have bad


20. According to research, organizations that introduce high-performance work practices usually experience

increases in three of the following areas. Which is not an area in which an organization can expect to

experience an increase as a result of introducing high-performance work practices?

A. Employee turnover

B. Employee satisfaction

C. Productivity

D. Long-term financial performance

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