describe fake platonic love ___________________________ H u m a n i t i e s

describe fake platonic love ___________________________ H u m a n i t i e s

1. Describe Plato _________________________________________________________________________ 

2. Three Characteristics of “material” being _______________________________________________ 

3. Three Characteristics of “immaterial” being_____________________________________________ 

4. Some true Statements about Plato’s Metaphysics 

5. It is a metaphysical theory that asserts that “matter is truly real and immaterial things are not called ____________________________. 

6. Describe the True World for Plato in the allegory __________________________. 

7. In Applying Plato, describe FAKE PLATONIC LOVE ___________________________. 

8. In Applying Plato, descried TRUE PLATONIC LOVE ____________________________. 

9. Metaphysics asks a fundamental question like ______________________________________. 

10. It is a metaphysical theory which contends that there is only one single reality, as opposed to the two worlds (dualism) of Plato called _____________. 

11. North Whitehead’s description of Plato ________________________. 

12. It is a metaphysical theory which asserts “that reality is both material and immaterial” called: ___________________. 

13. It is a metaphysical theory which asserts, “that ideas are ultimately real” called: ______. 

14. In the Allegory of the Cave, Plato interprets the meaning of the “journey of the prisoners upward to the real world” as __________________. 

15. In decoding Plato’s Allegory, “the one who releases the prisoner” refers to the _______________. 

16. In decoding Plato’s Allegory in the context of education, “the prisoner’s chains” can refer to_________________________. 

17. Some true statements in Aristotle’s metaphysics __________________. 

18. Three Aristotelians’ criticism on Plato’s World of Form _________________________ 




19. For Aristotle, _______ is that which it exists in itself, an not in another. 

20. For Aristotle, ______ is that which it exists not in itself, but in another. 

21. “Substance” for Aristotle is composed of ___________________ 

22. Advocating Change as real from Pre-Socratics which Plato used _______. Heraclitus 

23. Advocating Permanence as real from Pre-socratics which Plato used ___________.Parmenides 

24. Thales’ principle of reality _________ 

25. Anaximander’s principle of reality __________ 

26. Anaximenes’ principle of reality _______ 

27. Pythagoras’ principle of reality ________ 

28. Atomists’ principle of reality _____________ 

29. What is Protagoras’ relativism? ______________ 

30. Leucippus: “Everything happens for a reason and necessity.” 


32. What is change? 

33. Two kinds of change for Aristotle 

34. Example of Accidental Change 

35. Example of Substantial/Essential Change 

36. Who is closest to your understanding of being: Plato or Aristotle? 

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