design con ­ siderations discussed O t h e r

design con ­ siderations discussed O t h e r

Understanding of design nuances for applications that the user controls brings a new level to the process. It requires options and thought into how a person may act or respond to stimulus that is not a factor in a single printed design.


For this project, you will need to design (using photoshop or illustrator creating templates design not an actual web design) a site for an annual event. Review well designed and interesting web sites for other events. Find what was appealing about them and see how that can be applied to a new design. Consider all the design con­siderations discussed in lectures and the books. This should reflect an understanding of all topics covered in class.

This project will also be used to evaluate your presentation skills

Project Guidelines

This project will require 3 finished parts (templates created by Photoshop or illustrator): a web site design, a phone version of the web site, and an app that would be used at the event to interact with the activities and music of the artists.

NOTE: The topic of the design is going to be an event related to Real Estate industry in Houston, Texas sponsored by Keller Williams realty

Begin by writing up the details of the event for which the site will be designed. Research several sites for similar events to help see what information is needed, and what common design strengths and weaknesses can be found. Once you have done some background research, you will need to start designing a web site for the event. Decide on a theme to help guide your designs. It should strengthen the appeal of the site based upon the event.

Part 1 of this project:

Include in write up (in organized sections and paragraphs):

  • Event name and description
  • Event information: tickets, locations, date, activities
  • Mood/theme of the site: Colors, mood and graphic elements to bring interest
  • Site map: pages needed
  • Target audience
  • Sponsor(s), links or other related sites

Part 2 of this project:

Next, use thumbnails (sketches on paper) to develop the design theme and layout for the main site, phone version of the site, and the App version for that site and the event.

So, you will have sketches on paper for all 3 versions and take a picture and include them in the word document paper.

Part 3 of this project:

Once you have a comp of the thumbnails and sketches you created that reflects excellent design, then you will create a digital version of the web site in Photoshop or illustrator for all 3 versions (web, phone, and App). Include the home page, plus the interior pages (at least 3). This is a complete web site design, if there is a link to a contact page, then you must create a contact page. Include Layer comps to show the different pages, menu pull downs and any other aspect which may not be immediately evident.

The site must demonstrate all aspects of good design. This includes a good theme/concept for the site, design consideration of the proper type, color use, hierarchy and flow, and why would someone return to site.

Once you have the site designed, create a version of the site for phones. It must show the scaled down version of each page they can access. Note: this is the web site, not a different app.

After the sites are finished, you will create an app that could be used during the event. Consider what people might want to do on their phones and write it out. This could include map of the venue, information on the performers, photo shar­ing, or other topics you can think up. Then create an interface for the app. This is different from a web site, but similar principles apply to the design.

Submit: Word document with the write up about the chosen company and event, include all pictures taken of the thumbnails or sketches which were hand drawn on paper of all 3 versions, include an image of the final design which were created on Photoshop or illustrator for all 3 versions).

Also submit the photoshop / illustrator ‘s files as well.

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