different positions people might take W r i t i n g

different positions people might take W r i t i n g


To prepare, read/ review the Question at Issue PPT. (Links to an external site.) link here:https://prezi.com/cru1dly3h9ca/questions-at-issue/

Next, you will draft approximately eight paragraphs (2-3 pages) as follows:

(1) Introduce a question at issue from the “Ecology of Place” (see attached file) readings in Unit 2 by explaining what the question is, any relevant context, and why it matters. What are the stakes of answering that question, both for you as a writer and for your audience as readers? (You may read and use any of the essays and articles in Unit 2 in the bibliography, even those we have not read as an entire class.)

(2) Then, in the next paragraph explain why you think this makes for a good question at issue: What makes this particular issue controversial? Why is there disagreement about the potential answers to the question? What makes this question specific enough to write a 5-page essay on? (Review Crosswhite RR & W, p. 6-8 for specifics on asking good questions.)

(3) The next paragraph should explain the various reasons people might answer the question differently. In other words, summarize the different positions people might take on the issue. Audience analysis is a critical task in argumentation.

(4) Then use the remainder of the assignment to evaluate four sources: Identify two sources from the “Ecology of Place” bibliography (all of the articles and essays in Unit 2 are open for your use) and two library sources/academic source that you’ve researched on your own that are in conversation with your question at issue (How do you think these four sources are useful in attempting to answer your question, either as background info, supporting evidence, or as a counter-argument that you’ll be responding to? (See Counterargument PPT for help.)

(5) At the end of your assignment, write the first draft of the enthymeme you might use for your Essay 2.1 outline and first draft. (Review the enthymeme PPT) (see attached file)

*If you have any question about enthymemes or writing them after reviewing the PPT please feel free to email anytime or check in during office hours.

Criteria for Successful Completion:

  • Format: 2-3 double-spaced pages, properly formatted, according to Written Work Guidelines
  • MLA: Sources documented in MLA style. Lab for more information).
  • Your paragraphs should accomplish the following: (1) introduce and explain the stakes of your question at issue, (2) evaluate what makes it a good question at issue, (3) summarize the different positions and reasons that people might use to answer the question, (4) evaluate four sources that contribute to your draft question and enthymeme, (5) show thoughtfulness and precision in your writing – while successful assignments do not need to look like a final draft of an essay, they should be a considered and rigorous exploration of a question at issue that we’ve uncovered as a discourse community or that you’ve uncovered on your own.

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