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ep 58 government contracting weeklydiscussion located B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

STUDENT 1 (Jeremy):

Another week, has begun and another great opportunity for discussion, and conversations to be had, I hope everyone is well and ready for a great time.

Reference for this discussion:

Strategic Sourcing in DHS: Ep 58 Government Contracting Weeklydiscussion located at

Forum Question:

  1. Summarize the video and define strategic sourcing and its significance to the federal government.

Buying things to protect at the least cost to the American people, while fulfilling public policy and objectives. The video is elaborating on the intent and impact of accurate strategic sourcing, and the desired direction of their departments in using strategic sourcing options. Maximizing the competitions, while enabling great negotiators in buying power. The video is also encouraging contractors to not be discouraged if they do not win one contract but to reapply and attempt again. Also, providing impressive numbers on the rates of small businesses being awarded government contract.

The ability to listen to inhouse perspectives apossible avenue to save the government money, in addition to independent contractors stepping up the plate a providing options for saving money. If the options are approved, they being a comprehensive business case analysis in order to better coordinate with the industry and capability in achieving those suggestions. They also touched on Eagle II, is a multiple strategic sourcing, procurement option, issuing many awards and contracts.

The delays were not discussed, more will be put out when appropriate. The ability to use strategic sourcing, builds constant updates and options that would not be if the implementation of the Eagle II initiative had not begun. The important of interaction with industry in a whole will build and guide insight and understanding on the pulse of the nation. The one piece of advice to contractors is, speak to a specific problem, and how to accomplish the corrective measure for that problem.

Keys to winning are:

It’s not one and done-teaming and partnering opportunities await.

35% of strategically sourced dollars flow to small business.

55 Active strategic source initiatives and 450 contracts in place.

  1. Comment on how this video is relevant to the policy and budget changes and expectation coming from the White House and Pentagon this year.

Currently the goals of the Whitehouse, and Pentagon, are to bolster the military and economy, in addition to current events, COVID-19. This video steps into how, when, and why to implement options for strategic sourcing, to better facilitate the COVID-19 pandemic, in providing better preventativemeasures, like masks, ventilators, and animmunization, all require funding but not necessarily strategic sourcing, due to the exceptions with the pandemic.

STUDENT 2 ( ):

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