even though comic book geeks love talking W r i t i n g

even though comic book geeks love talking W r i t i n g

I attached the samessay below.


For this assignment, you will write a research proposal of at least 500 words on a topic of your choice that is connected to the class theme of “Monsters.”

( I am thinking to write about genetic modification will create a monster as final research topic, so it should be same topics. And, my professor gives us sample essay which is actually same topic with me, so please be careful to not do plagiarism.)


  • Fictional: Look at a fictional movie, TV episode, music video, or piece of media and do a close analysis of the “monster/villain”
  • Historical: Look at a real-life dictator, serial killer, scientist, social network, etc. and do an analysis of the coverage of the person.
  • Scientific: Look at modern science e.g. cloning, Crispr, genetic modification etc. and decide whether that type of science is creating modern heroes or monsters.
  • Current events: Do a deep dive on a current event like border control, politics, make-up, sports, and analyze whether your topic is helping society or harming it?

The Steps:

  1. Pick an issue related to the broad theme of “monsters” that interest you e.g something from the class or Frankenstein’s Cat.
  2. Pick your approach: Fictional analysis, current events, historical, or scientific and narrow down to a specific topic.
  3. Pick an audience to focus on
  4. Look into the topic to see what has already been said and how you can add to the conversation e.g. If you were analyzing Thanos in The Avengers, what have people written and what fresh insights can you bring through research.
  5. Come up with a thesis for your proposal e.g.
    • Even though comic book geeks love talking about what will happen after the “snapsure“, this research project will reveal how Thanos is not really a villain rather he is presenting a valid philosophical way to save the environment in the face of overpopulation.
  6. Write a clear, concise proposal for why you want to research this topic and what you hope to add to the conversation on this topic.

Format for Proposal Essays:

  • Introduction: A brief overview of the topic you chose, the audience you want to reach, and any solutions, impacts, and benefits your research could produce.
  • Issue: The main definition of the topic/issue you will research, including subject, purpose, main argument, background information, and importance.
  • What your research paper will add: What are the benefits and prospectives your paper will bring to the topic
  • Types of Research: Overview of the types of research you will conduct and types of sources you will be seeking e.g. movies, articles, ted talks, interviews, etc.
  • Conclusion of the impact your research will have and wrap-up: Balance the sell us on why this research project is needed, reinforce your point one last time.

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