even though project managers ‘ manager ’ projects B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

even though project managers ‘ manager ’ projects B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

there are two person’s opinion about the discussion board questions. i have to reply them separately .


reply for person 1 post……

reply for person 2 post….

they post their opinion about based on article and i have to reply them thier opinion based on the article

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Person 1 post: prabes

This article ‘Tips for Project Managers who have never managed’ was written by Nathan Johnson stated that it has become more common within businesses for employees with no prior experience to be assigned as project managers. To successfully do that, you must work to ensure three things: that the scope of the project remains feasible, the cost of the project stays within the boundaries set by the budget, and the project is completed on time and these three items are known as the Golden Triangle of Project Management ( Johnson, 2014). When you work as a project manager, you will most likely be working in a team. Some of the basic tips for successful project managers are proper communication, manage risks, effectively manage your time, us the proper tools, quality, remember your people and understand your goal. Identifications of risks can happen through a variety of information gathering activities such as brainstorming sessions with your team, asking the project managers about risks they have faced on similar projects, documentation from other projects, and interviewing key project stakeholders (Johnson, 2014). Therefore, following all these tips given in the article will help the upcoming people who have never managed or done any single projects make them be a successful project manager.


Johnson, N. (2014). Tips for Project Managers Who Have Never Managed. Supervision, vol. 75, issue 2, p 9-12.

Person 2 post kyala,

The case study described a general framework to support the foundations of a project manager in their first steps as a project manager. Elements regarding key contents of the project including scope, cost, and schedule were vaguely described. There are also aspects of the deliverable a project manager must been cognizant of and the article described that aspect as the concept of quality. However, on some projects, quality is in the eye of the beholder and communicating with key stakeholders effectively will ensure that the deliverable is up to par. Risks are unavoidable and the sooner they are foreseen the sooner they can be adequately dealt with. The article ends with a reminder that even though project managers ‘manager’ projects the real work is done within the project team. The article emphasizes that the project manager is not a ruler but a leader whose team has won at some collaborative game(Johnson, n.d.).

Johnson, N. (n.d.). Tips for project managers who have never managed. 5.

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