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“Critical thinking: Systematic, educated, rational analysis which makes use of experiences and knowledge in a rigorous, skeptical, consideration of perspectives to arrive at a rational conclusion.

Another definition:  method of analysis of multiple perspectives, that is clear, rational, open-minded and informed by evidence and context

Essay Two: Incorporating Critical Thinking

Assignment:After a thorough critical analysis and written discussion of several perspectives (sources) surrounding an issue, you are going to be arguing to convince your readers of YOUR perspective on that issue. The first step is to find a chapter from 11-17 (except 14) that interests you. Next, you need to choose two different perspectives (essays) on that topic, and look outside the text for additional perspectives (we will do some of this in class). finally, you are going to put all of these sources in dialogue with each other and with your viewpoint on the subject.

Purpose: To further build your skills in argument, summary, and analysis while incorporating multiple sources/perspectives into your argument.

Target Audience: Your classmates and myself (your professor)

Context: to be determined, especially by the chapter you choose, and discussed in the course of your essay

Target length–it will be tough to do this assignment well in less than 1400 words

This is how you’ll be assessed (at 2 points each except where noted):

Do you explore the context of the issue?

Do you foreground your own position, and support it throughout (4 points)?

Do you explore multiple viewpoints, including ones which might not mesh with your own? Do you adequately summarize each  of the other viewpoints (essays)?

Does you assess assumptions and/or implications, moving toward a workable solution or resolution of the different viewpoints? In other words, do you put all of these perspectives in dialogue with each other?

Do you assess evidence presented? For example, do you explore how well or how poorly each source uses logic, data, and/or qualitative experiences?

Have you followed a writing process, and revised and edited for grammar mistakes and clarity and fluency?”


The book it’s referring to for the chapters is “Dialogues An Argument Rhetoric and Reader – Eighth Edition” by Gary Goshgarian and Kathleen Krueger. 

I have already told the professor that I’m using Chapter 11 – “Gender Matters”. If having to use this book is a problem, here are all of the articles from that chapter: 

Saplings in the Storm – Mary Pipher – 

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