final apa works cited slide B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

final apa works cited slide B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

We’ve learned how big of an advantage that technology can be in
today’s business environment. Every major strategic management goal will
make use of multiple types of technology during implementation. In this
assignment, you will need to create a presentation for the upper
management at your chosen course project business. The presentation will
focus on suggesting two pieces of technology that you feel are
essential to the implementation of your chosen strategic management
goal. This presentation will be in PowerPoint and requires the recording
of audio. Below is a detailed breakdown of what should be included in
the presentation. Remember that presentations need to engage the
audience through visual and auditory means. Use PowerPoint’s features to
accomplish this.

  • Create a title slide.
  • Summarize the goal you are trying to accomplish and the value it will bring to the business.
  • Identify two pieces of technology that you believe are essential to you accomplishing your chosen strategic management goal.
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each technology?
    • Why is each of these pieces of technology important to the implementation and execution of your chosen goal?
  • Provide research that supports your technology choices.
    • Cite a minimum of 1 scholarly source.
      • Include a final APA works cited slide.
  • Format the presentation so that it’s engaging and employs
    advanced formatting features such as templates, transitions, charts, or
  • Use the “Audio” feature under the “Insert” tab in PowerPoint to record the audio for the presentation.
    • It’s important to be informative while still being persuasive.
      Focus on explaining the use of the technology and the value that the
      technology will bring to the business if used correctly.

The stage is set for your strategic goal to become a reality. Before
that can happen, you’ll need to think through and map out the tasks
within the project. This assignment will focus on planning out the
individual aspects of the project using the project management tools
that you’ve previously learned. You will be able to use Word or Excel
for this assignment. (Choose whichever you’re more familiar with.) It’s
important to think through the goal you’re trying to accomplish and how
you’ll reach it. The more detailed you can be with your tasks, the
smoother the project management cycle will go. Your submission this week
should accomplish the following:

  • Create a basic chart that lists out at least 8 tasks required to
    complete your chosen strategic management goal and estimates on how
    long each will take to complete.
  • Create a Gantt chart using the tasks listed in the previous chart.
  • Create a network diagram using the tasks listed out in the previous chart.
  • Analyze your created Gantt chart and network diagram. Identify
    two potential issues that may be a cause for concern when the project
    gets underway.
  • APA format

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