finland based interactive media company leads W r i t i n g

finland based interactive media company leads W r i t i n g

Stevenson, CEO of Starlight Tech, Finland based interactive media company leads an organization

Of more than 600 employees in the high-tech media field. Starlight Tech is so unique that employees are permitted to come and go as they please. Company’s management has neither implemented attendance policies, nor offers sick leave benefits. As a general rule, the company believes in hiring the best employees in the market, and then giving them the freedom to do their jobs leaving them alone.

Someone works better from home at their convenient time, so be it. But they must remain available to others to contact them through e-mail, cell phone, and the like. They can be off during day and work during night or vice versa, it’s up to employee. No questions asked ever.

Don’t assume that this freedom is risk-free. It carries with its significant responsibilities. Employees at Starlight Tech are given quarterly goals that they must meet. How employees complete the work it is up to them, failure to meet targets is not acceptable and employee is terminated.

Starlight Tech is considered as the best place to work. Employees in the company report they often spend more than 50 hours per week on job related activities. But they do so in a way that is convenient to them. Company has shown steady growth since it was founded by Stevenson in 2005 and has recently increased its operations throughout Europe and its revenues have steadily risen. May be there is something to be said about giving employees their freedom!


  1. What is the suitable tittle for this case study?
  2. What is your opinion about “no attendance” plan implemented at Starlight Tech?
  3. Do you believe such employee policy will succeed in other companies? Why or why not?
  4. What are HRM conditions must be exist for such a plan to work? Do you believe these conditions related to employee motivation?

Note: This is HR management course and the textbook used in the course is

  • DeCenzo, D. A., & Robbins, S. P. (2013). Human resource management (11th ed., ISV). West Sussex, UK: Wiley and Sons Ltd. ISBN: 9781118379714 (print version; no digital version available).

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