folder called “ files .” note W r i t i n g

folder called “ files .” note W r i t i n g

The Assignment: In an expository essay of 2,000 words or more, address the following prompt. This essay should feature a well-developed thesis and appropriate evidence to support your claims. You must engage and cite at least two essays assigned in this class, and three outside nonfiction sources. Be sure to provide thorough analysis of all quotes and examples, and include your own perspective or stance on the topic.

Option 1: The authors we have read provide unique glimpses on the importance of language and communication for an individual and a society at large. What role does language play for an individual’s identity? Should “endangered” languages be preserved? What role does globalization have in the changing of language? What does language mean to you? (How to Tame a Wild Tongue; The Cosmopolitan Tongue; Who Owns Global English?; Mother Tongue; Tongue-Tied; Aria; How Does Our Language Shape the Way We Think?)

Option 2: Describe perceived gender roles, and to what degree society expects individuals to live up to these roles. Are any of these perceived gender roles problematic? How do the authors’ understanding of gender differ, and in what way might they overlap? How does this compare with your own understanding of gender roles? (Being a Man, Why Women Smile, Looking at Women; The End of Men)

The Research: The three outside sources should be nonfiction articles/essays published in a credible source. (This means you should not use blogs, Wikipedia, Sparknotes, etc.) Be sure to check the reliability of the author; articles should be written by someone with a degree in the field or another credential. Use this research to find new perspectives on your topic, to support your claims, or to provide a counter-argument.

Format: This essay will be in MLA format. This means it will be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font (I prefer Times New Roman), with page numbers and your last name on each page, and a header on the first page. Your title should be original, and you must include a Works Cited page. Be sure to include in-text citations in the body of the essay. For help with MLA formatting and citations, please see the handouts on Canvas in the folder called “Files.”

Note: Words and phrases that are underlined on this page will be taken into consideration when grading.

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