formatted correctly following apa guidelines B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

formatted correctly following apa guidelines B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Leadership Analysis Report and Presentation (30%) (What Leaders do)

Course Outcomes:

CO2: Utilizing tools and methods from the course frame and evaluate leadership challenges in a wider social and global context through a leadership analysis.

CO3: Relate leadership theory and practice to personal experiences and examples through class discussion, personal reflection, and research. 


  • Students will apply leadership concepts and theory to practice by interviewing leaders in regards to their own leadership competencies.
  • Part 1

    In this project, you will compare the leadership competencies, choices and actions of one or two real people.  You may choose a leader that you know, a leader you have access to, or you may choose a well-known leader whose leadership you would like to learn more about. Consider individuals who are some ways have made an impact to your organization or community.  The people may be from any walk of life (business, the arts, humanities, politics, etc.) or they can be individuals from the next-door communities or organizations. Sources for this report should include readings, videos, interviews, and instructor notes from this course, as well as other published, credible sources. Papers must be formatted correctly following APA guidelines.

    Part 2

    In this project, you will be investigating a leader who you would like to learn more about. Part of this research includes asking key questions in regards to this leader’s background and accomplishments. In this portion of the project, you will pair up with someone in the class and share your key investigative questions, reviewing your partners’, and giving constructive feedback. It is important to be focused and professional in working or researching leaders and this portion of the project will allow you to work with your peers, to give and receive feedback, and support each other in this process.

    To complete this part of the assignment, you will be partnered with a classmate by the instructor.

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