four wheel drive vehicle O t h e r

four wheel drive vehicle O t h e r

Please provide credible and legitimate evidence that your answers are correct. Opinions as to why you think they are correct do are not considered sources. 

12. Sears obtains over 50% of the goods it sells in its retail stores from companies that it partially or wholly owns. Sears participates in _________ vertical marketing system. 

a. retail cooperative

b. administered


d. corporate

17. The important legal constraints on pricing are deceptive pricing, price discrimination, deceptive pricing and 

a. sole sourcing

b. purchasing roles

c. promotional pricing

d. purchasing policies

18. Mel hoped to earn some money this summer by taking care of her neighbor’s pets, plants, and lawns while they were on vacation. She had 10 weeks of summer vacation in which she hoped to make about $50/week. Instead she didnt work at all for five weeks. One week, she made $250 and was exhausted when it was over. Mel’s experience with her vacation service illustrates the problem of: 

a. service intangibility

b. service intangibility and inseparabillity

c. service perishability and fluctuating demand

d. creating form, time and place utility for service. 

19. Service quality is important to the Marriott hotel chain. If a Marriott employee hears a customer complaint, the employee is empowered to do everything possible to make the customer happy. The employee becomes personally responsible and is not allowed to pass the complaint on to a superior or to another employee even if the employee is better equipped to solve the problem. This strategic rationale to customer complaints shows Marriott’s concern with the _________ determinant of service quality. 

a. empathy

b. tangibles

c. reliability

d. responsiveness

20. A trucking company that uses the slogan “Our people are our driving force” is recognizing the importance of its personnel in providing quality customer service and is engaged in 

a. benchmarking

b. internal marketing

c. customer empowerment

d. human resources management

25. When Ford and Volkswagen agreed to co-build & co-operate in a plant in Portugal to manufacture a four wheel drive vehicle, it was an example of _______ because of the long term nature of the relationship. 

a. indirect ownership 

b. dual production

c. a strategic alliance

d. a turnkey operation

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