great romantic novel wuthering heights :” W r i t i n g

great romantic novel wuthering heights :” W r i t i n g


Romanticism is such a powerful movement and it leads to some of the most overwhelming works of art Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the ultimate romantic hero – in the true sense of the word – he follows his dream of creating life at all costs to himself and those around him. Here is a passage from Emily Bronte’s great romantic novel Wuthering Heights:

“The intense horror of nightmare came over me: I tried to draw back my arm, but the hand clung to it, and a most melancholy voice sobbed, ‘Let me in – let me in!’ ‘Who are you?’ I asked, struggling, meanwhile, to disengage myself. ‘Catherine Linton,’ it replied, shiveringly (why did I think of LINTON? I had read EARNSHAW twenty times for Linton) – ‘I’m come home: I’d lost my way on the moor!’ As it spoke, I discerned, obscurely, a child’s face looking through the window.”
– Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights, Ch. 3

The storm without and the storm within are one and the same – that is the essence of Romanticism!!

Which romantic work of art in the text or otherwise (please use time frame established in the text) catches your eye and how does it exemplify a quality of romanticism?


Project Overview:
Visit a local museum. Be sure to allow yourself to spend some time there. Choose a work of art that you would like to learn more about. Study the artist. Describe the medium (or media) used. Review the size/dimensions of the work. The year in which it was created. The artist’s influences, the theme of their work, what they are/were trying to express through it. Consider concepts such as symbolism – if there is any – the purpose of the work, what the work “does”, etc. Does it challenge our/your beliefs? Does it shock? Does it touch you/us emotionally? Or is it purely a work of personal self-expression? If it is self-expression, explain what is being expressed. These considerations are simply a starting point. You are encouraged to think about the eternal question, What is Art?. Make use of proper terminology to describe and interpret the work (see lecture on The Principles and Elements of Design for details on terms in Week 1).

You should choose either a modern artist or a modern theme. This project must analyze a work of visual art (i.e. painting, sculpture, architecture or any form which can be analyzed using the terms discussed in chapters two and three). Photography, performance art, fashion, time-based work – such as film or video – are all acceptable, but your analysis must focus on the visual elements. Be sure to verify your topic with me so we are in agreement that it is acceptable.

This paper must be at least five (5) doubled-spaced pages, prepared with one-inch margins. 12-point font in either Times/Times New Roman must be used. MLA formatting is required. At least ONE credentialed, secondary source should be included. This source must be properly cited. Be advised, this submission is subject to Turn-It-In anti-plagiarism software. A failure to comply with the University’s Policy on Academic Integrity will result in the issuing of a zero and the work-in-question will then undergo a review by Student Conduct. See the Student Handbook for details.

Final Project Deadline:
Due Thursday, August 16th

Topic choose by sunday the 22 th

Thesis/Focus Examples:

  • History/overview of a modern form of art: origins, influences, connections to past styles, etc. Look at specific examples of the form and explain specific characteristics.
  • The influence of a style of art on a modern artist in another field: the influence of realism on a photographer, the influence of a modern style of art on a fashion designer (research required!). Example: Pop Art and Pucci.
  • A modern artist and a reoccurring theme in their work. Look at several works and compare/contrast them. Example: Cindy Sherman – a photographer whose series, Untitled Film Stills, portray Sherman herself as a subject in “imagined” films.

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