group members never showed W r i t i n g

group members never showed W r i t i n g

I am not a great writer, but here are the instructions :

please read below based on my experience and go by that make sure it is two pages.

You will be reflecting on your experience with the group project and its members, which can entail its makeupcommunication, action, and outcomes – you can discuss any one, some or all of the following: the diversity of the group, media utilized to communicate, leadership taken, conflicts encountered and overcome, roles assumed, norms and rules developed, problems solved and decisions made.

How would you characterize the entire experience?  Good, bad, fun, horrible…?  Productive, non-productive? What have you learned that you will carry over into the next small group experience?

so my overall experience was pretty good, in the beginning the group was not productive, we weren’t able to get work done or plan what should be done for the project becuase some of my group members never showed up to group meetings, the communication in the group was not good most of my group members did not respond to text messages. we lost one group member, because she decided that she did not want to be apart of the group, she was actually the one who was holding up the group project because everyone was assigned a piece that they had to complete fir the group and everyone completed their part except or her, and the reason why she did not do her piece was because she as busy with work and her other class. but this group project was for a grade so it had to get done regardless. Teresa was the group leader she was in charge of sending texts messages to us when ever we had to meet but we stopped having group meetings and we all decided that we would complete our part by may 2nd so that we could have sometime left to find media and pictures, some of my group members were able to complete their piece by that deadline and the members completed their piece the following week. I was in charge of uploading everyones piece, media and pictures on the wikispace.  overall this group experience was good even though the communication was bad in the beginning. Everyone did their part that they were assigned to do.

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