‘ hannibal lector ,’ michael myers W r i t i n g

‘ hannibal lector ,’ michael myers W r i t i n g

I want you to read these and respond to them (comment) “”few sentences””

1- Many different theories explain how a work can be termed as Horror. Turvey argues that, for any work to be classified as a horror, there must be a monster. The monster has to be threatening in shape, way, or even form. The monsters in horrors do violate the law of nature. Some other people argue that the human characters can as well be monsters (Jimenez, 2018).

The article suggests that humans have superpowers. The kind of characters in the horror movies seem to be able to read the minds of people, and some go-ahead to pull off some impossible escapes. For example, in ‘Hannibal Lector,’ Michael Myers can disappear and often return after being shot or even beheaded. The article defines Horror as a genre that disgusts is centralized as an emotion. That gives a reason as to why people like watching horror movies. Horror films try to provide the audience with a particular emotion and enjoyment from the rooting for the protagonists as they try to battle these monster’s actions (Jimenez, 2018). They bring a captivation feeling.

Additionally, the article suggests that watching a horror movie will create a mystery that will draw every audience in, as stated by Turvey. Turvey said that one thing that is common with Horror narratives is the process whereby people find out about the real nature of the monsters, their powers and weaknesses, and where they have come from. Various things contribute to the greatness of Horror movies (Jimenez, 2018). Some include the intelligence and bravery of the protagonist in such films. For example, the “Silence of the Lambs” had a female protagonist who was very compelling. Her character showed her as an intelligent, brave, and very strong. She faced monsters without fear. This made people completely like the movie.

I agree with the fact that people like to learn about new things. The article describes how people are interested in knowing more about monsters. That is their origin, powers, strengths, and weakness. One very interesting this is that at the end of the horror narrative, the protagonists finds a way to defeat the monsters. Finally, I don’t disagree with the argument that human character can be a monster as it is portrayed in “Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, and Halloween.”

2- A horror film is a film that tries to inspire dread for entertainment purposes. At first propelled by writing, horror has existed as a film genre for over a century. The ghastly and the otherworldly are visit subjects. Horror may likewise cover with the dream, extraordinary fiction, and spine chiller genres. Horror films frequently expect to summon watchers’ bad dreams, fears, aversions and dread of the obscure. The article depicts how essential cognitive and emotional frameworks of the exemplified human cerebrum react to the horror films. It incorporates research from developmental psychology and cognitive film contemplates, just as good psychology. It clarifies how the film experience is epitomized: experienced cognitively as well as with the entire body and its association with the world.

I agree with most of the Malcolm Turvey’s elaboration of why do we like horror movies but there are few things I would like to highlight. Turvey had explained that why people like horror movies as there is a part of us that is evil and it likes horror scenes. I agree with this reason as it is in the nature of some people that they get excited with this kind of scenes and plot twists. But I disagree that all of the people do like it for the same reason because not every horror movie fan is a psycho or bad person. Some people find it fascinating as how people in the film fights with such evil or otherworldly entities. Turvey also said that the youth is more likely to be a fan of this genre. It is true. But what I disagree is that he said that young people come closer when they watch such movies together. Youth is more of an enjoyable and live in the moment type of age and they will get close to each other with whatever they do together. It depends upon their similar mindset. I would also like to say about the Turvey’s theory that some people like the thriller sensation knowing that they are actually safe and it is just a movie. But there are chances that they will start assuming it in real life as their imagination let them think that this can be happen to him or he will be attacked by evil entities whenever he is alone in his home or at someplace else. In my perspective, watching horror movies is good as it broadens the mind, get some creativity and one can enjoy the change of taste but watching a lot of such things can put one in mental stress and eventually disturbs mental health.

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