help investors make rational investment O t h e r

help investors make rational investment O t h e r

1, While Chrysler’s minivans, pickups, and sport utility vehicle take a big share of the truck market, its cars trail behind those of GM,Ford, and Toyota. Uality problems include, among other things, water leaks and defective parts.

A, identify the broad problem

B, Explain how you would proceed further.

2, Define the problem statement (why and the what) in the following situation;

Compainies benefit through employee loyalty. Crude downsizing in organizations during the recession crushed the loyalty of millions. The conomic benefits of loyalty embrace lower recruitment and training cost, higher productivity of workers, customer satisfaction, and the boost to moral of fresh recruits. In order that those benefits are not lost, some companies, while downsizing, try various gimmicks. Flex leave, for instance is one. This helps employees receive 20% of their salary, plus employer-provided benefits, while they take 6-to- 12- months sabbatical, with a call option on their services. Other try alternatives like more communication, hand holding, and the like.

3, How would you define the broad problem in the following case?

Accounting gets radical.

The GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) do an unacceptable job of accounting for the principle activities of information age companies. Today, investors are in the dark because the accounting is irrelevant . the basic purpose of accounting is to provide useful information to help investors make rational investment, credit, and similar decisions, but today’s most important assets and activities intellectual capital and work knowledge- are totally ignored. Professor Robert A. Howell wants to reform the accounting system with the goal of making clear the measurement of how companies produce cash and create value.

4,Critique the following research done in a service industry as to the extend to which it meets the hallmarks of scientific investigation discussed in this chapter.

The Friendly Telephone Company

Customer complaints were mounting, and letters of complaint detailing the problems they experienced with the residential lines were constantly pouring in at the Friendly Telephone Company. The company wanted to pinpoint the specific problems and take corrective action. Researchers were called in, and they spoke to a number of customers, noting the nature of the specific problems they faced. Because the problem had to be attended to very quickly, they developed a theoretical base, collected relevant detailed information from a sample of 100 customer s, and analyzed the data. The result promise to be fairly accurate with at least an 85% chance of success in prolem solving. The researchers will make recommendations to the company based on the results of the data analysis.

5, For the following entitled “sleepless nightat the Holday Inn”

A, Identify the problem

B, Develop a conceptual model

C, Develop at least four hypotheses.

Sleepless nightat the Holday Inn

Just a few years ago, Tom Oliver, the chief Executive of Holiday HospitalityCorp., was struggling to differentiate among the variet of facilities offered to clients under the holiday flag- the Holiday Inn Select designed  for business travelers, , the Holiday Inn Express used by penny pinchers, and the Crown Plaza Hotel, the luxurious hotels meant for big spenders. Oliver felt that revenues could be quadrupled if only clients could differentiate among these. Keen on developing a viable strategy for Holiday Hospitality, which suffered from brand confusion,Tom Oliver conducted a customer survey of those who had used each type of facility, and found the following.The customer didn’t have a clue as to the differences among the three different types.Many complained that the building were old and not properly maintained, and the quality ratings of service and other factors were also poor .Furthermore, when words spread that  one of the contemplated strategies of Oliver was a name change to differentiate the three facilities, irate franchises balked. Their mixed  messages did not help customer to understand te differences, either.

Oliver thought that he first needed  to understand  how  the different classifications would be important to the serveral classes of client, and then he could market the heck out of them and greatly enhance the revenues. Simultaneously, he recognized that unless the franchise owners fully cooperated with him in all his plans, mere face-lifting improvement of customer service would not bring added revenue.

6, As a manager, you have invited a research team to comein, study, and offer suggestions on how to improve the performance of your staff. What steps will you take to relieve staff apprehension and worries even before the research team sets foot in your department?

7, A tax consultant wonder whether he should be more selective about the class of the client he serves so as to maximize his income. He usually deal with four categories of client: the very rice, rich, upper middle class, and middle class. He  has records of  each and every client served, the taxes paid by them, and how much he has charged them. Since many particulars in respect of the clients vary( number of dependants, business deduction, etc.) irrespective of the four categories of clientele he should choose to continue to serve in the future. What kind of analysis should be done in this case and why?

8, There are three measures  of central tendency: the mean, the median, and the mode. Measures of dispersion include the range, the standard deviation, and the variance (where the measure of central tendency is the mean), and the interquartile range (where  measure of central tendency is the median).

Describe these measures and explain which of these measures you would use to provide an overview of (a) normal, (b) ordinary, (c) interval data?

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