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however ). ed 213 timeline checklistnamecriteria pointsat least 25 events H u m a n i t i e s

For this course students will be asked to create a comparative timeline including events from Georgia history as well as from US history. Students may work with 1 partner on their timeline. The timeline should be created in an electronic format, but the program or website used is the choice of the student. Students may choose which events in Georgia and US history they wish to include, but their choices must be justified. Each event in Georgia history should be accompanied by a paragraph annotation describing the event and why the student considers it to be important to Georgia history. This is an ongoing assignment through the course session which will be completed and presented to the class during the final week.

The requirements for the timeline are as follows:

• Timelines should include no fewer than 25 events from Georgia history, each of which should be paired with a related contemporaneous event from US history. The two events do not have to have happened on the same day, but should be reasonably close in time.

• Each Georgia history event should be accompanied by an annotation of approximately 1 paragraph containing a very brief description of the event along with a justification for why that event was included.

• US history events do not need to be annotated, but should be related in some manner to the Georgia event with which they are paired (e.g. Battle of Atlanta (GA) and Siege of Petersburg, VA (US)).

• The events should be spread out over all of Georgia history. Prehistoric events should not be included. For example, the student may wish to include 2 events from the Colonial Era, 2 events from the Antebellum Era, 3 events from the Civil War Era, 2 events from Reconstruction, and so on. Actual numbers and choices of events are up to the student.

• The timeline should be submitted in electronic format. The program or website used is up to the choice of the student.

Some suggested electronic formats are:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Powerpoint


Timetoast (

ED 213 Timeline Checklist


Criteria Points

At least 25 events from Georgia History provided


At least 25 events from US History provided


Each Georgia Event includes an annotation


Justification for choice of each Georgia event is clear


Total ______% X 20 = ________ points

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