hrm course selection sources ). identify W r i t i n g

hrm course selection sources ). identify W r i t i n g

The research question is “as measured by its employee satisfaction rating on the employer rating website Glassdoor, what are the best compensation and benefits policies or practices that Hertz LLC can implement for the long-term purpose of establishing a culture of high morale?”

Organization Overview (3-4 pages)

  • Purpose: Presents the organization or industry overview as pertinent to the project topic.
  • In this section of the paper provide an overview of the organization and/or the industry, as pertinent to the project topic.It can begin with some information on the organization and/or the industry itself, to set the context of the project. Consider also inclusion of organization history, structure, geographical location, mission, vision, values, goals, SWOT analysis (great inclusion as a smaller graphic), source of competitive advantage for the company, products and services, competitors, financial strength, buyer influence, supplier influence, market share, and other pertinent facts.
  • Briefly discuss how the topic of your Applied HR Management Capstone Project relates to the organization, and how the solutions or recommendations addressing the topic will have a potential impact on the organization and/or the industry.

Identification and Discussion of Issues (2-3 pages)

  • Purpose: Establishes the foundational issues to be analyzed in detail later in the Case Solution.
  • This section narrows the focus of the topic by identifying the key issues you are pursuing in your research and how those issues specifically relate to your topic.One of these key issues should include the ethical dimension of your topic (which also counts toward one of the four minimum MS-HRM course selection sources).
  • Identify the primary research question(s).
  • Include additional key questions (limit to no more than 3-4 key questions) that will guide your research and be answered by the project research. Write one or two substantive paragraphs for each question, providing information about the question, why it was selected, and how it is linked to the capstone project.
  • Define key terms (those that are specific to the project which may not be readily known).
  • Conclude this section with a description of the methodology—the method(s) used to gather and analyze the information (e.g., literature review, observation, survey, interview, non-obtrusive data such as financial reports or safety reports).Describe the research steps taken to obtain the facts used to address the project questions.Also include potential biases of the researcher and limitations of the research process.

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