identifies estimated income versus anticipated expenses W r i t i n g

identifies estimated income versus anticipated expenses W r i t i n g

Read the attached works then do this

Assignment 5

Module 5 of Business Plan: Financial and Management Operations

You are continuing to develop your business plan. In this component you will develop a detailed description of your operations that includes the following elements:

I. Financial

A. Operating Budget. Develop an operating budget that identifies estimated income versus anticipated expenses for a year.

This should include (but is not limited to):

check the excel to find out the numbers


Club size=

Average annual membership =

Cost of membership=

Market =

Lease on equipment =

Sales from profit center/Spa services =

G&A costa =


Membership dues =

initiation fees =

Personal training =

Spa services =

Total Revenue is:


Payroll (this should be actuals computed from payroll in Assignment 4)* =

Benefits (assume 20% of total payroll costs) =

Training (1-3% of payroll) =

Supplies (assume 2% of total revenue) =

COGS (dependent on Profit Center sales) =

G&A =

Maintenance (5% of total revenue) =

Marketing Costs (this is actuals computed in Assignment 1)* =

Equipment rentals/purchases (use 5% of total revenue) =

Property Rent (research costs per square foot for your geographic, and compute)* =

Utilities (assume 2-5 % of total revenue) =

Insurance (assume 2% of total revenue) =

Total Expense = ?

Net Income: Revenue – Expenses =?

Profit Margin: Net Income/Total Revenue =?

Make sure to identify primary and secondary resources used to estimate revenue and expenses.

B. Make sure you identify your profit margin and if this fits with industry standards.


II. . Facility Space and Layout Requirements. You will provide a design diagram/blueprint of your fitness facility. It will identify total square footage (sqft) of the facility and width by length dimensions.

  • Identify any space allocated for the following:
    • women’s locker room and men’s locker room
    • sqft of any gymnasium space, pool or any racquet courts if included in your plan.
    • any aerobics/group exercise rooms, spin class rooms, pilates rooms, etc.
    • child care room.
    • spa rooms if included in your plan.
    • offices for sales people or managers.
    • retail clothing or food services if included in your plan.
    • front desk/reception area.
    • stretching area
    • cardio equipment
    • strength training equipment, layout and approximate sqft (of open area).
    • Treatment areas

III. Provide a list of fitness center equipment, or clinic equipment

Make sure you document all sources accurately and in APA format.

* For these items you can double check for feasibility by

Payroll measures about 35-40% of Total Revenue

Marketing Costs measure up 5-10% of Total Revenue

Annual Rental property costs measure about 10% of total Revenue

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