including quoted material ). please include W r i t i n g

including quoted material ). please include W r i t i n g

Character Comparison: Select two characters from two different plays ( The Merchant of Venice,Hamlet or Othello, Richard III, The Tempest), for a compare-and-contrast essay. Here are some questions to consider: Are the characters protagonists (the main characters) or antagonists (characters who challenge the main character)? Are they heroic or villainous, consistently noble or corrupt? Or, are they complex characterizations, possibly personas with admirable intentions, but questionable moral flaws? What motivates them? What makes them charismatic, shocking, and/or admirable? How do they fare by the end of their play, and why? What happens to bring about a specific character’s fate, tragic fall, or success? What lessons do these characters teach us about human nature, gender roles, power, duty, integrity, courage, virtue, prejudice, ambition, good and evil, etc. (focus on one or two of these concepts). How does comparing your selected characters help illuminate one or two key concepts in Shakespeare’s texts? Craft a thesis that proposes an interpretation about what these two characters reveal. Be sure to include close readings of passages in each play AND a quote from one of the introductions in The Norton Shakespeare.

Paper Requirements

Minimum of 4 pages, double-spaced (1000-1500 words, not including quoted material).

Please include your word count (without quotes) at the top of your paper.

An analysis of two characters, from two different plays on the list, above.

Include a thesis statement (your interpretive claim) in the opening paragraph and underline it.

Incorporate at least ONE short quote (2-10 lines) from EACH play into your paper. Include parenthetical citations with act, scene, and line numbers. MLA citation format (Links to an external site.) is recommended.

Include at least ONE quote of relevant information from an introduction in The Norton Shakespeare, and include page numbers.

Include a Works Cited & Consulted page, with a citation for The Norton Shakespeare textbook, and all additional sources you consult while preparing this paper.

In addition to these requirements for this assignment, review the Writing Assignment Rubric (included in the Writing Resources)

Format: You may select an analytical paper format or a creative writing approach; either type of paper should include a thesis and demonstrate your interpretation of two Shakespearean characters, each one from a different play.

Thesis: Include an underlined thesis statement in your first paragraph that 1) specifies the plays and characters that you will compare, and 2) includes an argumentative claim that presents a detailed and focused interpretations that analyzes the questions provided in your chosen prompt and sets up an argument for your interpretation.

Textual evidence to support thesis: Identify short passages from the plays (at least one quote per play) that support your interpretation. Close read these passages to illustrate how your interpretations of the two characters makes sense.

Supporting Commentary: Include at least one quote of relevant information from one of the introductions in The Norton Shakespeare. You may use Greenblatt’s “General Introduction” or one of the Norton introductions to a specific play. Cite page number(s) at the end of the quote. Explain how this information supports your thesis. You do not need to do any other research, but if you do consult other sources, you need to include them in your Works Cited and Consulted list.

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