initial letter ): academic search complete H u m a n i t i e s

initial letter ): academic search complete H u m a n i t i e s

hey so I will send u the guide of the research that the teacher send me and we haven’t started with the research but the teacher needs me to choose one topic and write a paragraph and she has to accepted I will send you the topic that I choose and I need u to write about it and follow the guide , write for me exactly what she asked to do so

topics must be approved in advance by doing the following:

–Submit a one-paragraph Proposal, naming the work chosen, the theme or character study chosen, the library or libraries you will be using, and what you might need most help with. –Follow that with a preliminary listing of sources under the heading of Works Cited (at least four secondary sources, following MLA style on Blackboard (or see Purdue.OWL .edu or a recent grammar book on your course materials on Blackboard)—one page total. Due 4/03
Sources permitted for this paper:
1. Your primary source (Use the edition or version assigned for the class) 2. Scholarly books and collections of scholarly essays (university libraries or ILLIAD) 3. Materials provided in folders at the MSU Library circulation desk 4. The following databases (go to Library—Resources—Databases, then the initial letter): Academic Search Complete (full text articles, no reviews) JSTOR (full text articles, no book reviews, use the Advanced Search) MLA International Bibliography (lists all literary sources with links to databases that are acceptable—Do not use for pre-medieval texts –Project Muse (for scholarly journal articles) Proquest (for scholarly full-text, peer-reviewed articles only—no dissertations) **No web papers, no dissertations, no book reviews, no non-scholarly materials. Any use of Google Scholar material must be pre-approved.
Possible topics for research paper that will be acceptable—choose only one specific one of the listed topics. You may present another topic, which may be acceptable if written out and explained in your proposal:

Sundiata (one topic only):

Role of magic (all kinds)

How power works in the epic

Role of women

Role of griots

Sundiata as a character

Ways music and ceremony add to the epic’s presentation

and please I need u to tell me what did u pic

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