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inputs plan design execute evaluate improve redesign outputs select1 inputs2 plan3 design4 execute5 evaluate6 improve7 redesign8 outputs every year B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

You’re going to interview for management position with Ultra-Frame, a wooden picture frame manufacturer that sells hundreds of thousands of frames every year. As background for your interview, indicate which of the following are true and which are false.
Operations management covers all the activities required to operate the distribution of goods and services.
Companies like this frame manufacturer are reshoring because of significant quality issues and to save on shipping costs.
The U.S. manufacturing workforce has remained steady during the past 30 years as a result of strong consumer demand.
Planning for production takes place both before anything is produced and during the production process.

In preparation for the interview with Ultra-Frame, you’ve researched its production process. Using the drop down menu, label the following pieces of information in the order in which they would take place during the conversion process. The conversion process is as follows:

  1. Inputs
  2. Plan
  3. Design
  4. Execute
  5. Evaluate
  6. Improve
  7. Redesign
  8. Outputs
Every year, Ultra-Frame ships 500,000 picture frames from its factory to retailers.
Not long ago, Ultra-Frame obtained a loan to pay for new production equipment.
Ultra-Frame surveys hundreds of customers every year to understand their perceptions of product quality.
Before creating any new frame, Ultra-Frame analyzes potential demand and production requirements.
Ultra-Frame’s research and development department develops detailed drawings and specifications for each new product.
Based on the new product’s detailed drawings and specifications, Ultra-Frame manufactures the frame.
After manufacturing an improved version, Ultra-Frame completely changes the specifications of any frame that customers still find to be unsatisfactory.
When customers find a frame unsatisfactory, Ultra-Frame makes minor improvements to the frame and produces an improved version.

Although you’re interviewing with Ultra-Frame, you’re also applying for a management job at Southwest Airlines, which flies more than 100 million passengers every year. Use the drop down menu to fill in the blank to complete each of these statements comparing Southwest and Ultra-Frame.
Services such as those delivered by Southwest Airlines are
and therefore it’s more difficult to evaluate customer satisfaction with the firm’s air travel compared with the picture frames produced by Ultra-Frame.
Southwest Airlines can’t store its services, because they are immediately. In contrast, Ultra-frame can store its picture frames after production.
Customers of Southwest Airlines are much involved in obtaining the service they want or need, compared with Ultra-Frame’s manufactured goods.
To be successful as a service business, Southwest Airlines follows activities in the conversion process, compared with a manufacturing business like Ultra-Frame.

You’ve taken the job at Ultra-Frame, where you will be part of the team working on new products. Use the drop down menu to match each of the following job responsibilities with the phrase that best describes it.
You will develop new shapes, sizes, and finishes for wooden frames.
You will research new technology to make frames that will scan photos or artwork and transmit the images for customers to share on social media.
You will research the role of wood molecules in chemically degrading the surface of photos and artwork that customers put into your frames, with the goal of creating a frame to slow the degradation.

Ultra-Frame’s top managers have approved three new scan-and-transmit picture frames as a product line. Instead of producing these frames in the current facility, the company will build a new plant with higher capacity. Using the drop down menu, identify the type of layout that each of these descriptions represents. For the final question, determine which layout best fits Ultra-Frame’s needs.
The products remain in one place, with people and equipment moving around them to complete the assembly process.
Products are created in small batches, with each operation performed in its own particular area.
Each product undergoes the same operations in the same sequence, with workstations arranged to match the sequence of operations in the assembly line.
This layout best fits Ultra-Frame’s needs.

You recently became manager of the Hershey’s Kisses chocolate production facility in Pennsylvania. Identify the type of inventory described by each statement of job responsibility shown below.
The manager arranges for sugar, cream, and other ingredients to be delivered to the production facility only hours before use in the conversion process.
The manager checks on the output of Hershey’s Kisses waiting to be packaged and shipped to stores after production.
The manager tracks the number of Hershey’s Kisses moving through the production facility after the conversion process begins but before packaging is complete.
The manager calculates the amount of sugar, cream, and other ingredients on hand before production begins.

At the Hershey’s Kisses production facility, you are considering a number of different ways to improve quality. Using the drop down menu, match each of these descriptions to the name of the technique.
You will appoint a group of employees to work together as specific quality problems arise.
You will compare your production processes to those used by industry leaders and adapt best practices for quality improvement.
You will undertake incremental quality improvements on an ongoing basis.
You will apply careful statistical measurements and improve methods to reduce and then eliminate defects.
You will have a sample of every batch of Hershey Kisses examined to identify quality issues during work in process.

Ultra-Frame has recruited you back from Hershey’s to become vice president of production for its two production facilities. The company’s new frames are a big success and you’re looking for ways to improve productivity. You just attended an industry conference where you viewed the latest technology. Indicate which of the following statements are true and which are false.
A flexible manufacturing system would enable Ultra-Frame to reprogram electronic equipment and switch to producing different products more quickly than with traditional manufacturing methods.
Ultra-Frame can stick with its continuous process if it does not plan to change its product line over the long term.
With robotics, Ultra-Frame could speed up production and allow employees to maintain the repetitive tasks without interruption.
If Ultra-Frame wants to produce different frames at different times, it can use an intermittent process to change equipment accordingly.

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