issue .” grading criteria W r i t i n g

issue .” grading criteria W r i t i n g

i Choose these 4 essays

The memo: Why did you go and do that?

Your memo should guide me through your revision process; it will be key in helping me understand your changes—and thus key in my assessment of your portfolio. In the memo, you need to clearly explain your goals for the revision, explain what you changed, and explain why you changed it. You need to include specific details from your essays to support your discussion. This means

  1. Explaining why you chose this essay to revise and what you wanted to happen to the essay in revision.
  2. Pointing out (through quotes, paraphrases, summaries) what you changed. Be as specific as possible!
  3. Explaining why you made the changes. What did each change add, clarify, augment, refocus? How do you think it helps achieve your goals?


“I created an emotional appeal in my Position Essay by offering a detailed description of my great-grandmother’s work as an indentured laborer in a button factory in Detroit (see page 2, paragraph 1). I added this to help readers understand some of the hardships that immigrants in America faced in the early 1900s. Without a clear, vivid description of her experience, readers might not understand how difficult it was and might not care as much about the issue.”

Grading criteria:

  • 0-15 points = minimal revision (sentence-level changes)
  • 15-30 points = some revision (adding in new evidence/examples/explanation; taking out irrelevant material; reordering the essay; rethinking the focus/theme of the essay somewhat)
  • 30-40 points = substantial revision (adding and removing large amounts of material; reordering/restructuring the essay in a substantial way; rethinking the focus/theme of the essay in a major way)
  • 20%: Write a reflective memo

Your memo will be graded on how clearly you explain your goals for the revision, how specifically you describe the changes you made, and your explanations of why you made these changes. It will also be graded on accuracy—does your discussion reflect the actual revisions you made?

a memo that explains the changes you made in your revisions and why.

task : i wrote the 4 memo paragraph for each essay 1 paragraph but i want you to add more in it and add a paragraph in each essay or example make the change in the essay then add it in my memo tso i can get 40 points there is an example

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