journal analysis typically makes recommendations B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

journal analysis typically makes recommendations B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Meta-synthesis Of Practitioner Journals To Analyze Type, Rate And Quality Of Published Articles To Assist Mathematics Teacher

Need to complete a research project. This includes a written report somewhere between a journal article and a full master’s thesis. The project is a journal analysis. The journals are Date range for the journals are 2012 – 2017.

Roughly speaking, the paper has 5 parts:

  1. Introduction: this template is attached with writing guidelines
  2. Literature Review: It will be a summary of prior journal analyses and metasynthesis research.
  3. Methods: This is where you explain in what will feel like too much detail exactly what you did to find journals and analyze them. The idea of a methods section is that it should read like a sub plan for a sub you don’t trust. Someone should be able to take your methods and implement the analysis you did without any further information than what is written
  4. Results: This is where you present the results of the analysis. Often in this kind of paper it is patterns. Maybe there are tons of algebra activities, but little geometry. Or a journal says they publish math ed but it turns out to not be super true. It’s hard to say before the analysis is done what goes here. There are typically a lot of figures and tables.
  5. Discussion: This is the conclusion section. It summarizes what was found, and in a journal analysis typically makes recommendations for what things should be published in the future.
  6. Other sections: References(in APA), Appendices and front matter (title page, table of contents, etc)

Introduction part will be 8 pages. It is supposed to be done no more than 2 weeks. I attached a sample paper and resources for Introduction part. This paper needs to be in the same format as like in the sample paper.

*First I would like to be done just introduction part.

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